People Are Freaking Out Over Strange Looking Bug, But It’s Actually Found Almost Everywhere

Updated October 26, 2017

Australia is known for its abundance of creepy crawler critters, and it’s not uncommon for residents to see these furry and scaly things in the privacy of their own homes. Not long ago, one family found a dangerous snake, not only in their home but slithering around in their child’s toy box.

Imagine the feeling of never knowing what is going to appear when you turn down the sheets at night?

For some, living amongst such creepy critters is a nightmare, and for others, there is nothing more beautiful than the many mysteries in nature.

The latest mystical creature is similar to a moth, but it has one trait that is making it become quite famous on the internet. It has pulsating tentacles, that flex continuously whether the insect is sitting still or moving around. It’s as if these tentacles have a mind of their own, which certainly adds to the creepy factor.

Described as having the body of a moth with four tufted tendrils sprouting from its abdomen, this oddball insect has become famous amongst the 4.8 thousand people who have shared a video starring the critter.

Several social media users were frightened long after viewing a video of the insect moving his tentacles up and down in a repeated motion. It almost looks like a cartoon character of some sort, the hairy sharp tentacles moving up and down.

The insect, which has been identified as a Creatonotos Gangis Moth, received a variety of comments from viewers. Some made it clear that there was no way they could go on living amongst a discovery like this…

“I’d burn the house down if I saw this.”

“Give him the keys and tell him the house is yours.”

“What devilish creature sent to destroy us is this? I’m leaving Earth by the way… anyone coming?”

It was later determined that the mysterious hair tentacles are actually scent organs which secrete pheromones when the insect is on a mission to attract sexual partners. They are typically found across Australia’s north, including Western Australia, parts of Queensland stretching as far south as Mackay, and the Northern Territory.

Some commenters felt that moth was more beautiful than scary…

“What’s so scary about this moth? Huge spiders are scary, this is beautiful.”

The video brought up several conversations about the wide variety of bugs in the world…

“I am not hugely fond of flying bugs but I will not kill them. Trap them and toss them back outside. Except for daddy-long-legs, I cannot abide their dangly limbs, they are too much like airborne spiders!”

Australia is known for the many weird bugs and reptiles that show up everywhere. It seems like there is a new mystery bug sighting every week, and this has caused some commenters to avoid the country at all costs…

“Seriously, get yourself together Australia.”

As being the world’s sixth largest country, Australia has a whole lot of space for these creatures to roam. The country is 4,000 km from east to west and 3,200 km from north to south, with a coastline 36,735 km long.