People Are Going Berserk Trying To Guess What Type Of Animal Guy Photographed, Can You?

Updated September 29, 2017

A wildlife photographer just captured something that no one has ever seen before in the nature. It is a frustrated deer with a backside that looks exactly like an owl. When you see the series of hilarious images, you’ll have to admit that this deer has a special thing going on with its fur on its rump. Photographer Paul Taylor couldn’t believe his luck when he found the stag in the wild. Because of the animal’s special markings, its rear end looks just like the predatory bird that goes hoot in the night. Taylor, who is 51 years old and comes from Bewerly, Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, couldn’t believe his luck when he found the owl rumped stag at the Studley Royal Deer Park.

Taylor was in the park with his brother and the pair were hoping to catch images of stags rutting. But what he caught instead was so much better than he expected. Taylor and his brother were both shocked to see the owl-backed deer as it walked through the woods of the park.

Because he was in the right place at the right time, Taylor was able to snag a few snaps of the stag from the rear. And when examined closely, the markings on the deer backside looks just like an owl.

Taylor and his brother remember seeing the Sika deer with the extraordinary pattern on its backside.

Sika deer are commonly known as spotted deer or the Japanese deer. The species is native to East Asia and was introduced to the deer park where Taylor caught the image of this one’s rear end.

“This is my favorite capture due to the posture of the stag and the markings on its rear end. It almost seems to be conscious of it and one could be forgiven for feeling that it is irritated that I have taken a photograph of something which it finds embarrassing.”

Although Taylor was hoping to catch deer rutting, he was very happy to walk away from the experience with the viral image.

“This is one of those moments which reveals the wonder of nature. You may have seen a hundred deer before but their markings make them all unique. I feel lucky to have access to such a wonderful range of wildlife, living as I do in Nidderdale, which is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.”

As you can imagine, this image has stirred up some conversations on social media. Below are just a few thoughts shared on Mail Online:

“Wow, now we not only get STUNNING pictures, we get STUNNED photographers. I must be doing something wrong.”

“The deer’s face though…”

“The deer does not look amused.”

“Yes looks like a fox as already mentioned and it was probably on purpose to confuse predators. Cleaver buck…”

“it is meant to look like a wolf to ward off attack. Isn’t nature incredible.”

Are you surprised by the image of this deer from the back? Does it look like an owl to you or some other animal?