People Are Going Bonkers Over Photos Of Stunning Horse With Curly Hair [video]

Updated May 15, 2017

Horses are already one of the cutest animals on the planet, but nature managed to take that one step further. Watch out puppies and kittens, there’s another adorable creature in town.

Behold: the curly-haired horse.

They’re very much a real thing and they are off-the-charts adorable.

This breed is appropriately called Curlies, and their tightly curled hair makes it look like they just got a perm.

The coat on their body and face that’s not very long looks every bit like a super soft and well-loved teddy bear, while their crimped mane and tail make it look like they just stepped out of a salon.

And just like poodle/golden-doodle/labradoodle varieties of dogs, the Curlies are hypoallergenic, lacking the protein in their hair that some people are allergic to. Their dander is totally different than your typical horse, making them a dream for anyone who loves horses but suffers from allergies.

Surprisingly, Curlies aren’t a new breed of horse, though their origin isn’t quite clear. Chinese art from as far back as 161 AD featuring the horse would indicate that Curlies have been in existence for quite some time. Additionally, Charles Darwin documented them in South America in the 19th century.

Sioux Indians believed the curly horses were sacred and they were owned primarily by chiefs and medicine men. Native American art depicted the curly haired horses as well, including the 1876 piece At the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

In the winter, the Curlies’ long hair grows and helps to keep the animals warm, while in the summer, they shed their curls to keep the breed cool. The mane and tail, however, stays all year round.

Curlies are intelligent, calm-natured, and easily trained. They also have tough hooves that are almost perfectly round, which makes them good at navigating rocky country. These horses also tend to think things through rather than panic when a tense situation arises. Curlies come in all the common horse colors and are medium in size.

This YouTube video highlights the change in the horse in summer versus winter, when their coat comes in thick and curly. It also shows them in action in competitions, jumping and pulling sleds and wagons.

The video highlights their curiosity, intelligence, an affinity towards humans, and their gentle nature. The cutest part is a young foal that curiously approaches the human behind the camera! They are well suited for therapy animals and are a great match for children as well, given their kind, calm, and affectionate ways.

It’s interesting to note that their coat type can range from straight to a micro curl, with 25 percent born straight coated. The video also highlights their eyelashes, ears, and manes up close to show more of their differences, as well as shows ponies and mini varieties of the breed.

One commenter confirmed everything in the video, writing: “I can say most of what is claimed in the video is true. I volunteer at a therapeutic riding stable that owns five of these beauties. Though they take a half an hour for a decent grooming each, it’s an enjoyable time due to the fact they seem to be naturally calm.”

Another noted: “This is amazing!! I didn’t even know there was a ‘curly’ breed out there!!”