People Are Going Crazy Over Chickens That Hatch From These Eggs. Paying $2,000 For A Pair

Updated May 17, 2017

Although a quick look at the grocery store shelves might have you believing otherwise, eggs come in many different colors. While you’ll usually just be able to buy white and brown eggs – unless you buy your eggs from a local chicken farmer – eggs come in many colors. You can have blue eggs, greenish eggs and more.

Eggs might come in different colors but that’s just the shell color. But when it comes to chickens, there is a rare species that you might not know existed. And that’s what this farmer realized when his chicks hatched from their eggs.

The chicks that emerged from the shells were jet-black chickens. Although you might suspect that something went wrong it did not – these chickens are actually a type of chicken that underwent a rare genetic mutation…

While these black chickens are not common in the United States, in Indonesia they are not as rare. That is where they originated from in the first place.

Although these birds might look very different than “normal” chickens, there is nothing wrong with them. They are equally healthy and vibrant farm animals.

But the genetic mutation, known as Fibromelanosis, changes the color of their skin. However, that is not all. These birds also have black meat on their bones. And you probably wouldn’t believe it, but their bones are also black.

This season Iron Chef used these black chickens as an ingredient on their show. Although it is a chicken, this type is notoriously difficult to cook correctly.

But for the young man who was helping the chicken eggs hatch, watching black birds jump out of the shells was a total surprise. Because of his surprise, he filmed these black birds and uploaded the clip to YouTube. As you might have guessed, his depiction of these black chickens has gone viral.

While you might initially be shocked by how these birds look, once you get past the difference in shade, they are actually quite beautiful. These chickens have an attractive metallic shine in their feathers and look quite special.

Do you think you’d like to add a black chicken or two to your chicken coop? A farm in Florida is selling a pair of them for $2,000. This is a lot of money, especially because regular chickens cost about $50 each.

Whether or not buying black chickens is something you’re interested in doing, you need to check out Ayam Cemani’s video below to see what these birds are like.

“Beautiful. My mother’s friend has one in her flock,” wrote someone who is familiar with this species of chicken.

“this kind of chickens can never raised at united state . all of will be shot dead on sight by police before they can grow up,” wrote a politically motivated foreigner.

Others are terrified of these chickens, “The way that rooster is cock-a-doodling is terrifying. It’s so diabolical hahahaha.”

Did you know that there was a rare species of chicken that was completely black inside and out?

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