People Are Going Crazy Over Easy Method To Decorating A Cake Flawlessly Every Time [video]

Updated May 15, 2017

It’s no big surprise that some of the most viral videos on social media are food-related. One of the biggest obsessions, however has to be those cake decorating videos that are absolutely mesmerizing.

There’s almost nothing more mind-numbingly satisfying than watching someone create a gorgeous cake…and even the more simplistic videos can be surprisingly stunning when done.

Case in point, this cake decorating video that hit Instagram and started racking up millions of views. As the Instagram account @Chelsweets (Chelsweets Bakery) notes, this Halloween themed cake becomes a work of art in just minutes.

Behold: the video begins with a blank canvas, a white frosted cake. A number of white blobs are applied in streaks around and on top of the cake, followed by orange, purple, and finally, black.

It looks kind of like a total mess, until the next step.

When a cake decorating tool is held against the cake while it starts to spin, the magic really happens. All of those random blobs of color suddenly become a gorgeous smooth blend of watercolor inspired art!

The full YouTube video shows how the cake was inspired by nail art, interestingly enough. They used the colors to create texture on the cake, followed by Halloween spider webs, using melted marshmallows.

Bonus: you also get a nail art tutorial to create an effect with a dry brushing technique, layering colors, and then creating a cobweb look.

The YouTube description explains: “I had the pleasure of having Taryn Multack (@missladyfinger) join me in the kitchen again to help make this spooky cobweb cake for Halloween! It’s inspired by her amazing nail art. The idea for the marshmallow cobwebs is inspired by the cake blog!”

Then they create the same look on the cake, randomly layering colors in stripes and then smearing them together totally smooth. Then comes the melted marshmallows, which they drag and pull around the cake for cobwebs. The finishing touch is a spider on top.

Plus, there’s an added surprise when they cut the cake: layers of Halloween colors!

Commenters were impressed with the fun cake creation, with notes left such as: “Yes, yes, yes! This was an adorable decorating idea and those nails are fantastic!” and “Amazing video. This tutorial is all over Instagram. Good job.”

Those who watched the original Instagram post weighed in on the cake, with comments such as: “omg I watch these all the time so satisfying lol,” “you can’t say this isn’t mesmerizing,” “it’s like the stupid paint videos I can’t stop watching,” and “I must’ve watched this 173839 times.”

Others noted: “that looks awesome, would eat the hell out of that,” “THIS IS WILD,” and “isn’t this awesome? Go look at the rest of it too and all their other cakes!!!”

Still others planned to give it a go themselves, writing: “You should try this style for your next cake. I saw it done with pastels and it was gorgeous” and “I’ve been wanting to try this technique!!”

Another preferred the look before it was smoothed out, however, commenting: “As a Halloween cake, I liked it better before it was scraped. But each to his own.”