People Are In Hysterics After Seeing Note Lady Attached to Her Pillow Before Falling Asleep

Updated November 20, 2017

If you have to travel a lot by airplane whether for business or pleasure, then surely you are aware of the many annoying things that go along with the logistics of air travel. There aren’t too many people who enjoy being shepherded onto a narrow plane while being pressed up against complete strangers for hours at a time. And because you don’t always get to choose who you sit next to, there is a good chance that you’ve experienced a wide range of annoying seatmates.

Some people have a tendency to talk your ear off when all you want to do is sleep, and then there are the others who have no concept of the fact that they are in public and they snore their brains out as they doze off for the entire flight. And we’ve all been around that person who either forgot to wear deoderant or simply chose not to. Let’s face it…being on a plane can be completely aggravating because we have to give up almost all of our control.

But, there is one thing that you can do to ensure your ride is a little bit more enjoyable…let the flight attendants know exactly what you want.

One woman has become an icon amongst other travelers, as she placed a nicely made sign on herself before she decided to take a snooze on the plane, making it clear that she wanted to be woken for two very specific reasons…food and drinks.

The woman, who we can assume travels often, printed out a neat sign that said the following…

“Please, wake me for snacks and drinks! Thank you!”

And it wasn’t like she just wrote the note sloppily and taped it to her collar. No, this note was done with a lot of thought. She printed it out in bold font and inserted it in a badge holder, before clipping it to her neck pillow. This well-educated traveler also had on an eye mask to ensure that she got her well-needed shut eye on the plane.

What better way to ward of chatters than to wear an eye mask and what better way to get in your treats than to make it crystal clear that you want to be woken for them? And she had the comfy pillow to add to her list of travel necessities.

While she was on the plane, donning the perfect travel accessories, a fellow passenger snapped a photo of her and shared it with others who felt the same way as he did about comfortable travel.

Alongside the photos, the Twitter user shared the following comment…

“No sign has ever encapsulated my life more than the one this woman is wearing.”

And several commenters shared his opinion…

“A woman who clearly has a handle on her priorities. Good for her!”

“As someone who recently slept through a dinner on an international flight, I only envy this woman.”

And there you have it…sometimes you have to be very clear about what you want in life.