People Are Laughing At Photos People Are Posting Of Their Dogs, But There’s A Sad Truth Behind Them

Updated November 29, 2017

Humans have the masochistic tendency to find others’ pain a source of curiosity. I don’t know why people crane their necks as they drive by accidents on the highway or lean in when the juicy gossip starts. But it seems like humans, in general, have an obsession with the grotesque and painful. Perhaps that’s why content produced by Dr. Pimple Popper has become extremely popular on the internet.

In the following photos, you’ll see images of dogs before and after their run-ins with bees. These dramatic images show how the canines thought it was a good idea to eat a swarm of bees. But it turned out to be a terrible idea, and the bees made that very clear in a matter of moments with dozens of stings to the dogs’ faces.

Although our masochistic sides may laugh at the dogs’ funny face, these incidents are filled with pain and can prove to be potentially deadly to dogs.

Viewers of the images from MailOnline happily shared their reactions in the comment section on their page. The following are a selection of the most popular ones posted online:

“I know I shouldn’t laugh, but some of the expressions on those poor dogs faces had me in hysterics.”

“I’m going to hell for sure. To be fair, I have a dark sense of humor and would have laughed harder if they were humans. Couldn’t laugh at that little lab though, he looks really sore. Poor little doofus.”

“I am totally laughing because I remember when my little pooch at a bee and looked like that the better part of a day. She is cured of chasing them. Won’t go near one now.”

“When my beagle was about three she started whining in the middle of the night. Her face had ballooned as in the pictures, and she became more and more distressed. I called the vet and a cab. When we arrived, the vet had a face on, not happy. However, getting out the cab, the dog just flopped over, and the driver kindly carried her – the vet on seeing this suddenly moved very quick and her three injections in quick succession, one in the throat if I remember. The dog could not breathe and had gone into shock. Not saying this can happen to every dog that is stung, mine must have been unlucky, but I’ve always remembered the kind cab driver, my dog would have died if not for him.”

“Incredibly painful and sore. Ok, the pics are funny but imagine the distress to the dogs. Unfortunately, my dogs also catch bees and wasps, and I haven’t yet found a way to deter them. Hope these dogs all recovered.”

“One of my dogs was terrible always chasing bees and wasps. Stung so many times. Never stopped doing it. Even though it must have hurt her.”

“HA! HA! HA! Feel terrible for laughing, but they DO look so comical! Hope they all got well quickly, bless ’em!”

Other people found the images very worrying because the dogs were in pain.

“I found absolutely nothing entertaining or humorous about innocent animals in pain and possible grave medical danger.”

What is your reaction to these silly animal pictures? Should we laugh or sympathize with the dogs’ pain?