People Are Saying She’s A Victim Of Her Own Stupidity After Seeing Surveillance Footage

Updated June 15, 2017

We all know that we shouldn’t text or look at our phones while driving. But it can be just as dangerous to be texting while walking. If you’re like me, you’ve seen oblivious people walk out into the street while looking at their phone – rather than both ways down the street. Now a 67-year-old woman was grievously injured as she walked the streets in New Jersey. Because she was not paying attention to where she was going, she fell into an open door. Surveillance footage captured the tragic moment on camera. Watch the video below and tell us who you think is at fault.

Because she was distracted by her smartphone, the unnamed 67-year-old woman fell six feet down the sidewalk access door. The door was open in front of Acme Windows because they were having repairs done to their gas line. But the oblivious woman did not make herself aware of her surroundings. As a result, she plunged into the hole and got hurt.

The senior citizen was meandering down Somerset Street in Plainfield, New Jersey. At first she seems aware of where she is going – she even looks at the windows of the store. But then her phone vibrates and she gets consumed by the action on the device.

She walks straight into the open door and falls down the sidewalk access hole.

Authorities were notified and reported that the accident happened after noon on Thursday. The surveillance footage also shows the moment when the Plainfield Fire Division shows up to remove the woman from the cellar. She is rushed to the hospital for medical treatment because the fall was damaging.

The woman has not been named, but she is listed in serious condition. The fall did a lot of damage to her – especially considering that she fell on her head.

The door was open because repairs were being done to gas lines in the area.

Readers across the internet were shocked by the footage. Here are a few comments shared on Daily Mail:

“While I feel bad for the woman and hope she recovers, she is a victim of her own making. This accident was avoidable. But I am thinking there will be a lawsuit,” wrote an Arizona resident.

“This is like the story today where someone dived off a restaurant dock into shallow water, hit his head and received a $10M award. Just because your stupid doesn’t mean you can’t cash in with liberal juries or judges.”

“They were probably supposed to place orange traffic cones around the area, effectively closing down that portion of the sidewalk. That’s what they always do in construction areas.”

One viewer thinks the woman is a con artist.

“She saw the door opened and said now I need to check my phone to fall in and get money. Please don’t let this con artist get any money.”

What do you think? Did she fake the fall? Was the woman at fault or the business?

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