People Are Smiling Ear To Ear After Seeing Dad’s Method To Soothing Crying Newborn [video]

Updated May 19, 2017

If you’ve ever had a crying baby in the house, you understand that deep seeded wish for a magical “off button.” Wouldn’t it be miraculous if you could hit mute and get just a few seconds of relief from the grating sobs and wails? Sure, crying is a completely natural and necessary part of a baby’s first few months of life, but that doesn’t make it any less nerve-wracking for new parents.

What if we told you that one father had learned the secret to instantly soothing his baby and stopping the blood-curdling crying? How much would you pay for that golden secret? A hundred dollars? A thousand dollars? A million dollars? Well, that is not necessary because this genius father is giving away his secret for free on Facebook Live. Read on to learn how one simple sound can instantly calm your baby and give you a break from his or her crying.

Author and motivational speaker Daniel Eisenman was in the middle of shooting a Facebook Live video when his newborn baby Divina let out a sob. With Divina on his chest, Daniel immediately and instinctively met her sound with one of his own: he chanted “om.” And how did Divina react? She suddenly stopped crying. Parents around the world were stunned.

“I hadn’t done it on video before,” said Daniel, explaining that chanting “om” had previously helped the one month old Divina to stop crying, and that he had started the practice of chanting to her, with the help of friends, when she was in utero.

“Friends would come over and we would chant to the belly. She was born in the living room. Even during the birthing we were playing Thai Buddhist Monk chanting. Beautiful track.”

Daniel and his wife, Diana Eisenman, are residents of Southern California. They are overjoyed that their video has reached and inspired so many people across the world. “We’re awakening the world to some beautiful ideas,” he said.

Dr. Harvey Karp, author of the book and video, “The Happiest Baby on the Block,” says that using calming sounds to stop babies from crying is an old trick. He says has been sharing “shushing” techniques with new parents for decades.

“All babies around the world are born with a very ancient and almost magical ‘calming reflex’ that is sort of an off switch for crying and an on switch for sleep,” said Dr. Karp. “It’s turned on by imitating one or a few of the 5 powerful sensations babies experience in the womb called the 5 S’s: swaddle, side/stomach, sound, swing, suck. Some calm like this with rumbly sound (Ohhhhhm, a hair drier, loud shushing) some need rhythmic motion (bouncing on a yoga ball) and some need combinations (like a car ride which has strong sound and jiggly, swinging motion).”

“Divina’s dad is using a combination of three things: side position, swaddling (one arm is pressed against the dad’s body) and of course when he adds the third — the sound — is when it all comes together and you can see the reflex getting turned on,” Karp explained.

Daniel Eisenman says he is glad that Divina finds his chants to be calming but that the goal is not to silence her. “I don’t see crying as a bad thing,” he told TODAY. “When my grandma was in human form she cried easier than anyone I ever met. There was energy and emotion. She was courageous enough to let that flow through her. She was courageous enough to express herself.”

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