People Chuckle When They See Homeless Guy Sit At Piano, Find Out He’s The Next Beethoven

Updated September 13, 2017

Ryan Arcand, 43, is not an ordinary man. He lives, breathes, and sleeps music. And because of his undying commitment to music, he has had to go through some pretty rough patches in life. He doesn’t have anywhere to call home. He lives out on the street and plays music for change whenever he can. It is not just him taking home some extra money from playing music. This is the way he gets enough cash to buy some food and water. But Arcand is not just playing music to get money from the public. He also wants to provide some joy to those who hear him play in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. He wants to inspire people in the wintry town and put a smile on their face. He is truly a remarkable man. And as you’ll see in the video below, just one woman’s kindness helped him get somewhere he had always dreamed of being.

Although he didn’t have a home and hardly had enough money for food day to day, he still had a piano. However, the residents of Edmonton quickly realized that Arcad was no ordinary homeless piano player. He was a music genius just waiting to be discovered.

After struggling day after day to play his music for small change, his world turned around when a woman named Roslyn Pollard came up to Arcand and started filming him.

With the piano player’s permission, Pollard filmed Arcand and decided to share his music with the world. She uploaded the clip to YouTube where his undeniable talent could be recognized by the music industry, which is constantly starving for new talent.

But then Pollard learned a fact about Arcand. He is not just a great piano player, he is also a composer. The music you will hear in the viral video clip is an original piece by Arcand called “The Beginning.”

When you listen to this man play his music, you’ll hear the talent infused in his fingers. Although he got his big break through a YouTube clip, he had years in the making. He struggled with drug addiction and life on the street.

At first, his video inspired people in Edmonton to offer Arcand supportive housing. He now has a trusty roof over his head and a place to play piano.

But his fame is only growing. Because his music is online, Arcand has fans now. Inspired to do better, he said, “I want to straighten out my life, that’s what I want to do.”

Although he was given a blessing, Arcand still struggles feeling like he is worthy of it.

“Do I really deserve this?” he asks, “From my life of crime to now?”

As you can imagine, after millions have watched his performance of “The Beginning,” thousands have shared their love for Ryan Arcand’s music.

“The most talented people in the world are not the ones u see on tv, they are people u have never heard of.”

“This is beyond the most beautiful piece I’ve ever heard I can feel his pain he’s been threw with the piece he wrote it’s so touching and lovely!”