People Made Fun Of Trucker After Seeing Doll He Kept In His Truck, Until They Found Out Why

Updated September 5, 2017

Now here’s an amazing dad.

When Trent McCain’s daughter Joselyn asked if he would babysit her baby one night, he was more than happy to take on the task. Joselyn’s “baby” was her doll Abbie, and rather than just say he’d watch the doll, he actually had a great day with Abbie and took photos to prove it.

His daughter reminded him the next day on his way out for work that he had to babysit the doll. The Kansas truck driver posted pictures of his day with Abbie, and won over the internet in the process. Trent took Abbie along in his truck to work with him, even buckling her safely in the passenger seat.

He explained in a Facebook post on his business’s page: “Posted these on our personal page and it’s caused quite a bit of laughter. Had a request to post these to our business page. Last night, Joselyn our 9 yr old daughter asked if I would babysit ‘Abbie’ for her today. ‘She really wants to go trucking with her Grandpa.’ This morning before I leave, she reminds me I’m babysitting today. Well being the good ‘Grandpa’ I agree to take her. We decided to have a little fun and post pictures of our travels. I didn’t want Joselyn thinking I threw Abbie in the sleeper and forgot about her. She has been sending instructions via FB all day. Abbie and Grandpa have had a good day, and glad we could bring a little entertainment to our friends.”

One photo shows Trent sharing a Slim Jim and Coke for a snack and it didn’t go over well with his daughter, as he explained, “Joselyn didn’t appreciate our choice, but I informed her that Abbie ate what I ate, and didn’t complain.” In another photo, Abbie’s Great Grandpa McCain is seen taking a turn at helping with babysitting duties.

People couldn’t get enough of this amazing dad moment, weighing in on the McCain Enterprises Facebook post about his day with Abbie. One person wrote: “Thanks for sharing this ‘adventure!’ You are a wonderful father and your daughter will have this digital memory to share for years to come showing just how much her Daddy loves her and thinks of her while he’s away at work!”

Another commenter noted: “You are an AMAZING father. I am 23 and when I was 10 years old I was just like your daughter. I had a male baby doll who I LOVED and cared for as if he was real. In my opinion it is very important for parents to play with their children even when they are older. This was a very cute story!”

Another person shared a similar experience that meant a lot to her grandchildren, writing: “Looks like grandpa had a great day! Reminds me of when my 3 of my grandchildren had Tamagotchies and could not bring them to school. I had to take them with me to feed them and change them just like you would a baby oh the things we do for our little ones. Now they have their own babies (Tamagotchies) to feed and nurture good memories for me.”