People’s Stomachs Are Turning Over Creature Doctors Yank Out Of Boy’s Ear

Updated September 6, 2017

If you’ve ever suffered from an ear ache, it can be quite painful, but when this boy woke up with pain in his ear, he never could have imagined the cause.

It’s the stuff of horror movies, so you’ve been warned.

It seems there was something in there and it’s not for the faint of heart. According to a report from KATV, 14-year-old Grant Botti discovered there was a 4-inch centipede moving around in his ear, and was able to grab its tail and pull it out of his ear.

His mother, Angela, put the centipede in a plastic bag and took pics because, honestly, seeing is believing. Grant was still suffering with ear pain, so he went to Saline Memorial Hospital for further treatment.

Doctors discovered his ear drum had abrasions, likely a result of the creature entering his ear while Grant went swimming. Thankfully, he didn’t have any significant damage to his ear.

The doctors at the hospital noted that people have come to them with things in their ears before, but never a centipede. There’s a first time for everything! Though let’s hope it’s the last for this type of incident.

People weighing in with comments on the YouTube video were understandably grossed out and in disbelief, as one person noted: “No this isn’t real. It CAN’T BE REAL!!!”

Another added: “how do you not notice a 4 inch centipede enter your ear…heck how did it even fit in there?”

Those commenting on a Fox 32 Chicago Facebook post about the creepy ear find debated how it got there, with one person explaining: “Chances is it happened when he was sleeping. He probably lives in the country and it’s pretty common to find centipedes, scorpions, snakes and spiders. The average person sleeps with their mouth open and every person not knowingly has swallowed a few spiders while they’re sleeping in your lifetime.”

Other comments included: “Ummmm I’d freak!!!!!! Seriously freak. Ewwwww” and “Oh my. *shudders*.”

Another commenter offered a bit of a joke (this situation could use some humor),writing: “Must of really been bugging him.” This person found a hilarious solution that just might work, noting: “Sleeping with my earmuffs on for the rest of my life!”

Yet another person felt reassured that she’s used pesticides to eliminate any chance of this happening, writing: “This is why I’m so glad I treated my lawn with seven and malathion! Cures all the troubles of dealing with these pesky, nasty creatures! For the inside I treated my home with Raid poison. No problems on my end with nasty intrusive bugs.”

This commenter’s experience is a bit freaky, as they shared: “Highly believable peeps! The centipede can curl up and could definitely crawl in someone’s ear. And they can hide or appear from anywhere. I have had them jump from a kitchen cabinet, come up through a tub drain, hide in a dark closet and underneath objects inside or outside of my home. The largest one I have ever seen was 11 inches long; I freaked out and killed it with a hammer. Lol, no mercy!”