Pest Was So Scary, Family Agreed To Let Them Demolish Their Home In Order To Catch It

Updated November 18, 2017

If you knew that one of the world’s deadliest snake was living in your walls would you tear down your home? One snake catcher from Australia decided to rip apart a family’s laundry room because a deadly taipan serpent was living there. To get his hands on the deadly reptile, snake catcher Joe Mackereth “completely gutted the place.” While the house was ruined, he did get the snake, which offered some relief to the family.

The snake catcher received an urgent call from homeowners in Kelso. The owner had accidentally stepped on the snake on Friday night and realized the deadly serpent was living in his laundry room.

After stepping on it, the snake slithered into a hiding spot behind the washer and dryer. It was nearly impossible for anyone to get there without tearing the place apart.

Mackereth arrived at the property and examined the scene. He knew that the snake was hiding, so he returned the next day to see if he could lure it out. But he didn’t have any such luck.

“After two days, a bit of demolition work and a lot of patience, I finally managed to get this Coastal Taipan out of a family’s laundry,” Mackereth said.

While it was never his plan to tear apart the family’s laundry room, he needed to if they wanted to protect themselves from the venomous reptile. The bite of a taipan can kill a human.

“Unfortunately, it got itself stuck in some metal framework and managed to get some scratches. Coastal Taipans are the third most venomous snake on the planet. However, they are extremely shy and will evade human interaction wherever possible.”

After he captured the deadly snake, Mackereth took the serpent to the local veterinarian to get it treated for the scratches it had endured.

When the reptile recovers, it will be released into the wild far away from humans.

Some readers were shocked that the snake catcher cared that the reptile was injured. A Mail Online reader wrote:

“Being demented enough to worry about a venomous snake’s well-being is certainly in keeping with every other Aussie I’ve known. Good for you, I guess.”

“Oh dear lord, kill the damn thing! I hate snakes!! 3rd deadliest on the planet. Nope!!

Others were glad that the snake was not hurt and released back into the wild.

“I hate snakes, but this one has a cute smile…glad he got to see a Vet and not killed.”

Other readers were shocked that the snake catcher had to destroy the home to find the snake. But most agreed it was worth it.

“Yes, I would demolish my home to get it out. Burning the house down isn’t off the table, either.”

“Rather have my house demolished than a child hurt.”

“If there were a taipan in my house I would happily blow the whole place up because I wouldn’t go back in there until it was gone. In fact, I would shift to a state that doesn’t have taipans.”

What do you think about this snake catcher’s work?