PETA Tries to Make Bacon Eaters Feel Guilty, Completely Blows Up In Their Face (6 photos) : AWM

PETA Tries to Make Bacon Eaters Feel Guilty, Completely Blows Up In Their Face (6 photos)

Bacon has become almost trendy in the last few years. There are restaurants dedicated to it and popular snacks have created special versions that include bacon or bacon flavor. It is no secret that bacon comes from pigs, so PETA felt that they needed to say something about America’s obsession with the salty meat.

They posted on their official Twitter asking people to post their best argument for wanting to eat bacon. They likely assumed it was a question people could not answer, but they were in for a major surprise because people were ready to tell the activist group exactly why they loved eating bacon.

Present your best argument for eating bacon.

PETA is mostly comprised of those who avoid animal products in all forms, including bacon. They also do campaigns to promote the wellness of animals and these campaigns are often focused on the food industry where meat, dairy and other animal products are commonly available for consumption.

When PETA decided to ask people for feedback on why they love bacon, people knew immediately that the animals rights group was setting a trap on social media. It did not take long for the public to respond to the question in ways that ranged from serious to witty and even funny.

PETA had to know that due to the love of bacon in this county that people were not just going to sit back and leave the question unanswered. People from the United States, as well as from elsewhere in the world, were ready with their favorite bacon-loving arguments. This surely left the activist group a bit perplexed and it showed them that bacon is here to stay and people are not just going to stop consuming it because PETA and similar groups view it as a moral issue.

One person made a simple response to the Tweet by telling PETA that he keeps eating bacon because it is delicious. This is likely why most people continue to eat bacon because it is natural to eat the foods that you find to be tasty.

One Twitter user made the bold statement that the best argument against eating bacon will never be as strong as the best argument supporting eating bacon. A bit of a tongue twister, but if you love bacon, you can certainly see what the user was trying to say and you likely agree with him.

After a whole, it seems that PETA pretty much gave up on trying to respond back to the army of bacon lovers that infiltrated their post. It is easy to say that they did not get the response that they expected and they surely did not change anyone’s mind concerning whether or not eating bacon is something that people should be doing.

Of course, some people also agreed with PETA and there were some comment wars on the post and on the responding posts. However, for the most part, PETA was met with bacon lovers who were more than happy to tell the group how much they love bacon.