Baby And Dog Became Famous When This Photo Went Viral. Wait Until You See Them Today

Updated September 27, 2017

The only thing cuter than puppy dogs are babies, which is why actors are always warned against doing scenes with either. Well, we just found an amazing time lapse video on YouTube that shows a little baby’s first year of life, along with her dog. You are going to love this heartwarming video when you watch it.

This adorable video shows the first year of baby Eisleigh and her pit bull puppy, Clyde. While Clyde certainly seems to grow faster, Eisleigh seems to have no problems keeping up with all the strenuous napping. These two have formed an inseparable bond that will last their lifetimes.

Clyde is a pit bull, one of the most maligned breeds of dogs there is. However, breeds such as pits and rottweilers tend no more or less towards aggressive behavior than any other breed of dog. The usual problem is the type of people who gravitate towards these wonderful animals. An animal that is abused and mistreated will become dangerous and unpredictable, which is especially problematic for heavyset breeds with powerful physiques and intimidating appearances. But a Bichon Frisé, well known for its soft demeanor, is just as likely to become unpredictable when subjected to the same conditions.

Noted dog trainer and animal behaviorist Cesar Millan says that “A dog sees itself in this order: animal, species, breed, and then name. The first two are a part of what a dog is by nature; the last two were created by humans. We run into difficulties with our dogs when we try to treat them primarily as breed and name.”

To effectively train and care for your dog, it is important to keep these things in mind so that you can use the tools that nature has provided both animal and human effectively.

Dogs are social pack animals, and they will only follow a calm and confident leader. As a pet owner, we are the de facto pack leader. In order to ensure a well behaved and calm animal, we must provide that environment as their leader. Conversely, a dog that is kept chained outside and alone, only to be interacted with in aggressive ways, will never follow it owner, and can become dangerous.

Further, a dog that has been kept under high anxiety conditions can be rehabilitated. While it generally requires a professional trainer to do so, most dogs can learn to be happy and stress free, even after severe mistreatment.

Pit bulls and rottweilers are among the most maligned breeds because of the way their owners treat them. This makes them difficult to place in an adoptive home, but If you don’t have any special considerations and your landlord has no stupid breed restrictions, you may consider a pitbull from the pound. They are far more likely than any other breed to be euthanized rather than placed with a loving home. These dogs can be among the most loving and playful dogs around. They are smarter and more cuddly than they are generally given credit for, and they love to run in the park. These little guys are perfect for people who have active lifestyles such as swimming and jogging. And as we can see in this wonderful video, they are also great with even the littlest kids.

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