Photo Of Dog Visiting His Owner In Hospital Went Viral, Then Things Quickly Took A Tragic Turn

Updated September 5, 2017

We all know that a dog is man’s best friend. And we’ve shared several videos and stories about dedicated dogs that are preparing to pass on. Whether the canine is a loyal veteran of the United States Military or just a beloved best friend, seeing the dog for the last time is cause for tears. We see the dogs walk to their final appointment with dignity and love for their owner. We see the sadness on the owner’s face as they realized this will be the last moment they get to enjoy the presence of their dog while he or she is still alive. But we don’t often see the reverse story. When the dog’s owner is dying and the dog realizes it is. This heartbreaking moment is just too difficult to witness for most of us. It causes us to tear up and weep. But in the viral video below, you’ll see just that. This dog gets to visit the hospital and say his final goodbye to his beloved owner.

When you watch the clip – if you’re a skeptic – you might wonder if the dog really knows what is happening to the owner. Does the dog understand that his best friend is dying? According to Scientific American, the dog does. Depending on the bacteria present in our body, a dog can tell if we’re healthy or sick. This dog could smell that his owner was not normal. Dogs experience the world predominantly through their sense of smell – so when this dog got a whiff of his sick owner, he knew the man was on his way out.

Dogs know a lot about us just by smell. They can tell if they don’t like someone by how they smell. They can also tell when we just came from a fight with our spouse. And they often know if a woman is pregnant. Or if someone has cancer.

More than a million people watched the video published to YouTube last year. Here was the description accompanying the 30-second clip:

“It is never easy to say a final goodbye to a loved one, although Rideout Memorial Hospital in Marysville, California, was kind enough to let a dog called Mollie bid farewell to her owner, Ryan Jessen, on November 30.”

The clip has created an emotional stirring of thousands of people. And hundreds of those touched by the video shared their reactions in the comments. Here were some popular ones:

“so emotional, God bless this family during this sad times.”

“Poor family and poor mollie, she loved to her owner.”

“I’m so sorry for your loss. And I think it’s wonderful that his dog got to say goodbye. Bless you for that…”

“So Sweet. It was very nice for them to be together. So sorry for your loss. Rip Angel.”

“This vid broke my heart. rip”

What do you think about this video? Does the dog recognize his owner and his fate?

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