Photo Of Grocery Store From Hurricane Harvey Is Going Viral. Take A Closer Look

Updated September 8, 2017

During the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, people are using their talents and stepping forward to help out in the best way they can.

Food writer and foodie, Jennifer Lopez Fuller decided to donate her talent by doing what she does best…food. She went to the grocery store and stocked up on items that were needed for the victims, and while she was there she took several photos to mark just how devastating the storm was and how many families were affected. To express the extent of those in need she took photos of several grocery shelves that were picked over.

She shared photos of all the basic food groups, including an image of the fish counter, which was completely barren. The produce shelves didn’t have a thing on them, and the bread aisle had just a few items to show for. A few bags of chips remained left behind in the snack aisle and even the salad section was sparse. It was clear that people cherished their soda and their frozen food items, because those sections were desolate. The meat sections didn’t stand a chance and they looked like they had been cleared out days prior, with the exception of a few lonely packs of meat.

But there was one of Fuller’s images that stood out amongst the rest…the vegan/vegetarian section was completely stocked. If anyone was in need of some good old fashioned tofurkey dogs or hummus, this was the place to shop.

Alongside the photo of the fully stocked vegan/vegetarian photo, Fuller included the following caption…

“Looks like there aren’t too many vegetarians around here. A grocery store in Houston. Even in a natural disaster, nobody wants vegan food. An act of God can’t get Texans to go vegan.”

Fuller’s post has gone viral and has been shared several thousand times, which is a testament to how proud Texas is about their meat-heavy diet.

Both Texans and non-Texans weighed in on the hilarious in-your-face message that the image had…

“That’s funny. Even I didn’t buy any of those in preparation of Harvey. I don’t care for meat ‘analogs’ (fake meat).”

“I’ve been vegan over 9 years and most of that pre-packaged processed stuff is gag-worthy to me. I’d have taken the tofu, though.”

Some were curious as to what the post was getting at…

“I was just thinking what is that that they’re not buying.”

There are a few food and drink items that Texans simply cannot live without. Margaritas are one of them. Maybe it’s the fact that they are refreshing in the hot sun and provides relief from the ridiculously heavy traffic that the residents have to sit through.

Chips and Salsa are another go-to for Texans and they will admit that it’s impossible to just have one.

And to prove why the vegetarian section was stacked, Texans will tell you that their most loved food is BBQ. You can have your choice of smoked meats in the great state of Texas. Dr. Pepper, ranch dressing, and tacos are some of the other favorites amongst Texans.

So, yeah…it’s understandable why the vegan shelves were packed with options to purchase.