Photo Of Hillary Doesn’t Seem Like Much Until You Zoom In On The Headline She’s Reading

Updated March 9, 2017

During Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the main thing people had against her was that she used a personal email server while conducting Secretary of State business. You can read more about why that was a scandal in our in-depth review, but in short, she put government secrets at risk.

While campaigning many acted like what the former Secretary of State did was horrid. But in truth, she was hardly the only government official to use a personal email service to conduct work-related business.

But a recent photo that is making the rounds online comes with a heavy dose of “irony” because it is clear that her ‘crimes’ were simply fabricated. Hillary was caught reading about how Vice President Mike Pence “used personal email in office.”

The photo emerged on Friday and shows Clinton seated inside of an airplane while on her flight to New York. The article is all too clear – Mike Pence is guilty of the same ‘crime’ as Hillary. But the media is simply not talking about it.

Because the opponents of Hillary during the presidential campaign latched onto her email usage during her time as Secretary of State, they were able to weaponize the fact against her.

The problem got so bad that Hillary Clinton was even investigated by the FBI – and cleared – but when the final incident about her emails came to light right before the election, it could have been one of the main things that cost her the presidency.

Because the email scandal was a rallying cry for Trump and now Vice President Pence, it is no wonder why the email went viral. Pence is guilty of the same crime that Hillary committed…

According to the USA Today article, “Pence used personal email in office. As governor, he sent sensitive info on his AOL account.”

Although they both sent sensitive data on private email servers, TIME notes that the level of ‘sensitivity’ is different.

While Hillary discussed her yoga classes and Pence emailed about “the gate locks at his residence,” both also shared secrets on the servers. However, Hillary’s secrets concerned the entire country while Pence’s only concerned Indiana. But TIME notes that there was another important difference:

“Indiana law explicitly forbids government employees such as the Governor to conduct politics on state accounts, so it’s credible to argue Pence had no other options.

“That is in contrast to the State Department, where government rules strongly encourage employees to do their jobs on email accounts that are archived and subject to review.”

Although the photo of Hillary Clinton reading about Vice President Mike Pence committing the same ‘crime’ as her is steeped in irony, the two are not the same.

The Deputy White House Press Secretary has called it an “apples to oranges comparison.”

But the image still has gone viral. And for good reason. The irony is just too good.

What do you think about Clinton reading about Pence using a private email server to conduct confidential government business?

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