Photo Of Little Boy During The Hurricane Is Going Viral, Here’s The Real Story Behind It

Updated September 11, 2017

Following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, some small glimmers of hope emerged. One such gesture was made by a young Texas Boy, who greeted the National Guard with a patriotic gesture.

J.W. Claburn, just 4-years-old, held up an American flag when the National Guard arrived to his neighbor’s home in Richmond, Texas to assist with evacuating after a nearby river started flooding.

The boy’s dad, Wes, remarked that J.W.’s gesture wasn’t that out of the ordinary, as he explained to Inside Edition, “He’s just a sweet and good-hearted kid. He knew it was the military and he knows what the flag represents.”

His dad added, “He went and grabbed the flag and started waving it for the National Guardsmen.”

J.W.’s great grandfather was killed in World War II before J.W.’s dad was even born. His father noted, “We’ve let him know how important his great grandfather was to our family. Everybody in my family appreciates the military.”

As for the National Guardsmen who were on the receiving end of J.W.’s patriotic showing, his dad noted, “They were smiling and making sure that we were okay.”

Those weighing in with comments on the YouTube video were understandably moved by the little boy’s sweet showing to the National Guard, with one person writing: “Damn. I got something in my eye” and others agreeing.

Another commenter was impressed with the little boy’s upbringing, remarking: “What a sweet good little man! His parents obviously did everything right.”

Others chimed in with comments like “little patriot,” “aw, that’s beautiful,” and “Coolest little boy ever!!!”

Those commenting on Facebook coverage of the story remarked about the boy’s kind gesture as well, with one person writing: “Why does it take a little boy to tell us to be thankful for the men who are helping the people who need it. Thank You and Mom and Dad, good job.”

Another commenter noted the boy’s sweet spirit of kindness, writing: “Children have such sweet little hearts. Their spirit and love can raise anyone up and give you such hope. This little guy is so sweet. I love his spirit! I know it’s a long road for everyone in Texas. But this is the kind of thing that really helps and does lift people’s spirit. Love this!”

Another person was overwhelmed, noting: “it is just such a powerful promising picture that we are all going to be just fine! What a strong statement from such a lil guy!!!!!”

Even one of the boy’s family members joined the conversation, writing: “So very proud of my little great-nephew JW. I always watch & record ABC World News with David Muir and saw the photo and saved it so that I can share it with other family & friends!!! It’s so precious & heartwarming. His 2nd cousin Michael would really appreciate seeing it as an SSgt. in the United States Marine Corps!!!”

Still another commenter added: “I cried when I read what you and Wes said. This is a photo that says so much and means so much. One little hero paying respects to other heroes. You raised him well Wes and Emily.”