Photo Of Surgeon Sleeping On Floor Is Going Viral. Here’s The Truth Behind It

Updated April 20, 2017

When it comes to some of the hardest working individuals in any country, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are among the most dedicated. As a writer who spends his days behind a computer telling stories, doctors and other hospital workers need to go to work and help people in person. For anyone who has had a job working with patients, you know how difficult it can be. Not only do you want to do an amazing job and help heal those in your care, you have to deal with people who are suffering. And they can be hard to be around as they’re going through a struggle.

But doctors put aside their personal feelings and agendas to provide the best care they can for the patients at their hospital or clinics. And the doctor who made this headline is no exception.

Learn more about the sacrifice surgeon Luo Heng makes on a regular basis. And discover the lengths he is willing to go to in order to make his patients’ lives a little bit better…

In the viral images shared here, you’ll see the surgeon – dressed in green scrubs – asleep on a makeshift mattress with his shoes off. While you might think this is a scene from a lazy worker, it couldn’t be anything but further from that. Surgeon Luo Heng has just put in more work than many part-time employees do in a week.

Tasked with completing five operations over a total of 28 hours, surgeon Luo Heng was exhausted when he finished. As you understand, surgery requires complete and undivided attention. And this doctor was willing to give every ounce of his energy and focus to the task at hand – in order to provide the best medical service for his patients.

Before he was caught sleeping on the job, Luo Heng completed two emergency surgeries overnight and then three scheduled ones the next morning.

Once he helped changed five lives, Luo Heng found a quiet space to get some much-needed sleep. And while it might seem odd that the doctor is sleeping on the floor during the middle of the shift, he had to do it for his patients.

After the image was snapped, it was posted to the extremely popular Chinese social media platform called Weibo. Since the image went viral in China and then across the globe, surgeon Luo Heng has been praised as an amazing and dedicated worker who puts his patients before his own well-being and needs.

Although this image might seem startling, it is not the first time medical professionals have been caught sleeping on the job following a long shift. But after 28 hours in surgery, we at AWM think surgeon Luo Heng deserves a cat nap or a day off.

Readers on shared their reactions to the doctor’s dedicaton:

“Dedication, sure sure, but the most alarming thing is, that he had to work 28 hours. That’s horrible, who would like to be the last patient of surgeon who didn’t sleep last 24 hours?” shared Pavel Nekoranec.

“While I do fully respect his dedication, this seems like a malpractice suit waiting to happen. I have no idea what the differences are between American and Chinese’s laws in this regard, but 28 hours without sleep is the same everywhere,” questions Ricky Couture.

What do you think about the surgeon’s dedication to his patients?

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