Photo: This Crocodile Thought He Had An Easy Meal, But He’s Quickly Proven Wrong When The Herd Comes

Updated July 7, 2017

While the wilderness can be full of danger and terrifying predators for most baby creatures, elephants are usually free from those concerns due to their large size right from birth. Not always though. If they get too curious and stray from the herd, they are just as vulnerable as other babies And very tasty for the African predators too. Recently one little elephant learned that even one little slip up can put you in harms way – especially if there is a hungry crocodile around! In the photos below, you’ll see as this little elephants get his trunk caught in a trap – or the jaws of a crocodile.

He was just grabbing a drink at the watering hole, trying to cool off from the hot sun. He didn’t think he needed parental supervision to satiate his thirst. He’d done it dozens of times before. So he sauntered off to the water before the adults could see him go. While taking a drink, he suddenly razor-sharp teeth bite into his soft, fleshy trunk. The rest of the herd recognized the baby’s screams and ran right over, doing their best to save the youngest and weakest among them. But it was not going to be an easy battle.


The adult elephants pushed at the crocodile and pulled the baby back. With enough team work, they were able to free the baby from the death grip of the crocodile’s jaws. Thankfully the adult elephants managed to repel the crocodile, somehow disengaging it’s teeth from their baby. The mother was the most help, huddling with her baby and making sure that he felt comfortable and safe once more. Her human-like love for her offspring is evident in how quickly she came to the baby’s aid.


Other than the cuts and bruises, this baby elephant will grow up just fine – but will definitely be more careful about where he gets his water from in the future! Or if he didn’t learn his lesson, he may have a second attack similar to this one. And that’s nothing he wants. This little guy thought he was done for, but today was not that day thanks to his brave, courageous family. His mother was not willing to lose him to a cold-blooded reptile.

elephant2 elephant1

Just like your own mother, this elephant’s mom was never going to let him get torn away without a fight. Elephant herds are very close and protective of their members. Little ones often huddle among the adults’ legs in the safety of their grandeur and power. But when threatened, the adults come to the aid of their youngest.

The love of this elephant family should be enough to inspire you to spend some more time with your own family too! Reach out to your child or parent and let them know you think they’re special.

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