PHOTOS: From An Outsider’s Perspective These Homes Look Normal. But Just One Step Inside? AMAZING

Updated January 25, 2016

On house nested in Bridgnorth, England, may be easily passed by due to its ordinary brick exterior, along with the fact that it does not have any big columns, steps, or amazing exterior work.  The secrets about the dwelling lie on the inside, and give way to a whole other universe within the house.

Local artist Anthony Dracup spent years chiseling, moulding, designing, and building the home’s interior, leading way to one of the most amazing houses you will ever come across.  Once Dracup finished his masterpiece, the home became known as “The Hobbit House”, starting in the early 90’s.  House #30 is now up for sale for £199,950 or $285,268.


The inside boasts Gothic pillars, archways, chiseled stone, and beautiful woodwork all contribute to the house’s beauty.

In addition to intricate architectural aspects found inside, the house is also filled with wonderful colors, designs, and tiling that give it a feeling like it belongs in a magic adventure film.  This house will surely appeal to anybody  who enjoys the worlds of Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings.