PHOTOS: He Lays Pieces Of Wood In The Middle Of His Yard. What He Makes In Just 2 Days? I’m Jealous!

Updated March 28, 2016

Family camping trips are the best! And undoubtedly, the best part, after a long day of hiking or exploring nature, is sitting around the campfire telling stories and talking. Whether your family brings a guitar, makes s’mores, or whatever, campfires are just one of those things that bring people together.

Joshua Rhodes had a brilliant idea: Why not bring the campfire experience home?

So he did just that and all it cost was $125 and part of his weekend and shared it on A Beautiful Mess.

To make his backyard campfire even more special, Joshua drew designs for a curved bench that would sit around his new fire pit.

While most benches like this cost about $2,000, Joshua spent just $125 at Home Depot for wood and supplies.

After perfecting his design, he got to work with the wood. He built extra support so a group could sit on it with ease.

He screws seat panels into his frame then starts laying down the top planks. His work is already paying off!

But he’s not done yet. He starts crafting a seat-back for ultimate relaxation around the campfire!

When it’s built, Joshua has the perfect bench for a summer night with his family. And once it’s painted? Wow! Perfection!

To give it a pop of color, he adds some throw pillows that can be changed out to match each season.


Are you a fan of this backyard campfire area?

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