PHOTOS: Here’s What They Yanked From The Water That Had Scientists Losing Their Minds…

Updated April 5, 2016

Ocean creatures are always mysteries to people; there are always new things that we are finding about them. It is this mystery that makes creatures of the deep so interesting. We are faced with animals every day that stump scientists because of their strange traits.

Recently, there has been a sighting of what people are calling an “alien fish.” It has a pinkish color, with beady eyes that gives it this alien trait.


This bizarre fish was caught by Jaime Rendon, who is the Captain of Dr. Pescado in Cabo.

When asked, Rendon said, “‘I was really surprised, but what caused most impact were the eyes, so strange,” Rendon told the Pisces Sportfishing Fleet.

The reason this mystery shark stumped many was because of its pinkish color. Its belly size and eyes makes it seem like a swell shark. Swell sharks are known for their enlarged belly and oval like eyes, but not a pinkish color.


Before they could crack the case Pisces said, “Even if it is a swell shark, why is it this color and why does it only have three gill slits? The scientists are still reviewing and will let us know when they have an answer”

Being afraid of the fish being endangered, they let it back into the ocean so they would not contribute to its possible extinction. Finally, experts were contacted in order to decide just which species this shark is.

Turns out, this shark is indeed a swell shark!

Normally, swell sharks are yellow-brown in color with dark splotches. The only explanation that scientists have is that the shark is albino, which is a condition in which it lacks almost if not all of the pigment in its skin.


Even things we thought we knew about nature continue to amaze us, just like this!