PHOTOS: She Had An Old TV She Was About To Toss Out. Then She Had A Brilliant Idea. The Outcome? WOW

Updated March 7, 2016

Transform your dusty old antiques into beautiful, functioning pieces of furniture. With just a little bit of elbow grease, you can bring a second life into the junk that sits in basements across the world.

Shona Lene, owner of a furniture store she calls Second Chance Junkiton, makes a living off turning old “junk” into new things.

Remember those old, gigantic television consoles? Instead of letting them decay, Shona decided to transform one into a luxurious bed for her pet, and with just a little paint, as well as some imagination, you can too!


Her first step is removing the television itself, for this step you may need some assistance with the heavy lifting. Once the television is removed, Shona sands down and buffs out any dings in the wooden frame.

She also uses scrap wood to add a tasteful trim to the top of the unit. Once that is completed she works her magic with a paint gun. Shona explains what she does in this step:

“I gutted the TV, added a bottom shelf, and an upper trim piece my husband cut out from scrap wood. I used Zinsser primer, then sprayed Sherman Williams Mariner paint with my handy dandy paint gun.”


In order to give the unit a more “bedroom feel” she takes another piece of scrap wood, paints it, and attaches it to the back of the unit. This prevents her adorable dog from falling through to the other side. Using colorful fabric, she sews together a bunch of puppy sized pillows, to make the bed extra comfy for her pup!


Lastly, Shona adds a small toy bin, one she found at Dollar General, next to the unit, because what is a bedroom without toys! The unit is now complete and Shona’s adorable pup seems to really love her new room!
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