PHOTOS: This Little Girl Was Fighting For Her Life. How Her Dog Helps Save Her Life? UTTER DISBELIEF

Updated May 4, 2016

Having a baby in the hospital is one of the most frightening things a parent can have to go through; not knowing whether your newborn child will survive the night is a feeling that nobody should have to go through.

Unfortunately, some babies are not so lucky and have to go through the unthinkable, as did Nora Hall.  Nora was put into an induced coma in the children’s hospital in Minneapolis after suffering a severe stroke.

Nora’s mother Mary shared her experience on Facebook and what happened, along with some fantastic and adorable photos of her basset hounds next to Nora.

She talked about how her five month old daughter will not survive, and how she has spent all of her nights at the Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis.

Throughout the entire ordeal, their basset hounds have stay by Nora’s side, and you can tell they are sad and stressed.  They are very attached to Nora.


Mary was not sure what to do with her hounds though, and has asked her friends and family on Facebook what to do, “in case they get more stressed seeing everyone upset, or if I should let them stay in the room for when she passes, so they aren’t left wondering where she is when we go home.”

Mary says that their dogs have been their babies for eight years before Nora.

The internet came back with an overwhelming yes to let the dogs stay, so that’s exactly what happened.


Mary came home one day and noticed that Nora was more fussy than normal.  By 8 P.M. she was not using some of her limbs, and then her head became very swollen.  Mary rushed her to the hospital, and found out that Nora had suffered a severe stroke with little chance of surviving.


A GoFundme has been set up to hopefully cover all of the medical bills which reach almost $20,000 and over $15,000 has been raised so far.