PHOTOS: While Hunting In The Woods, He Noticed Something Odd In A Tree. What It Ends Up Being? WOW

Updated February 2, 2016

A Chinese man recently came across the discovery of a lifetime while picking mushrooms is Hunan, central China. He stumbled across a massive hornet’s nest and couldn’t have been more excited.

Chinese herbal medicine makes use of a ton of different random remedies for ailments of all kinds and the nest of a hornet is no exception. This one was larger than any Wu had ever seen, so on September 25th he decided to return to the area with a few friends, some protective equipment and a whole bunch of smoke.


“Four days ago, I went to pick mushrooms in the mountain when I spotted a giant hornet’s nest on a 20 meter (66 foot) tall tree. At the time, I was really excited,” he told People’s Daily Online.

He brought back two other friends to try and capture the nest, but first they donned plenty of bee protection – wasp stings can be lethal, especially when they number in the thousands.


The three men spent over two hours smoking out thousands of hornets before they were able to get the nest out of the tree. It was still filled with pupae, but before they could grow or do anything Wu sold the entire nest to a businessman, who has apparently been able to extract all of the awesome medicinal properties.


How would you react to finding an 86 pound nest full of hornets like this in a tree? Sound off in the comments!