PHOTOS: Without Hesitation He Risked His Life And Jumped Into A Frozen Lake. Why? UNFATHOMABLE

Updated April 12, 2016

When 36-year-old Lars Jørun Langøien from Norway went for a walk, he never expected to become a hero by the end of it.

While out in nature, Lars noticed a startling sight, a duck was trapped under the frozen layer of ice on top of a lake. But what this young man did next will completely restore your faith in humanity and remind you that this planet is still filled with everyday heroes in every country.

When Lars saw the duck trapped under the ice, something inside him compelled him to act. He couldn’t just walk away and ignore the poor creature.

Lars jumped into the water and cracked the ice with his elbows. As you can guess, the water was frigid. But this brave man did it nonetheless…to save an animal’s life.

After rescuing the bird, Lars went another step. He dried the duck and kept it warm.

Now this Norwegian man has a new friend. Do you think he named the duck?

When people do something that’s not expected of them but they know is the right thing to do, they deserve to get recognized for their kindness and bravery.

Norwegian man saving a duck

When Lars jumped into the freezing lake to save the trapped duck, he committed an act of heroism. Don’t you wish there were more people like him in this world?

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