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Plastic Surgeon Marries Young Bride, Claims He Created ‘Perfect’ Wife After Dozens Of Surgeries

While browsing the gift shop at a hospital where he was studying medicine back in 1995, Phillip Craft saw a beautiful woman. Her was smitten immediately. And although his heart was in his throat, he approached her and started a conversation. Not long after that initial meeting, the pair fell in love and got married. They started a family. But Phillip was never satisfied with the way his wife Anna looked. Although she was gorgeous naturally, he often told her that he would love to give her cosmetic surgery. He promised to enhance her beauty and make her perfect. She resisted. But because he refused to let it go, she eventually relented. And Phillip began the long process of redesigning his wife.


Phillip pounced on her self-esteem after it took a hit in 2005. She had just given birth to her second child and hated the way her body looked after the pregnancy. Because she was assisting him with his Miami-based practice, she often saw women in their sixties walking out with beautiful bodies. She wanted that.

“After my first child, I felt my figure wasn’t the same. I was helping Phillip out at work, and I’d see all these gorgeous 60-year-old women with rocking bodies walking into the practice. That’s when I thought, ‘Why not?’ I wanted to feel better about myself, plus I knew that Phillip would love to have a go at redesigning me!”

In her early thirties, Anna allowed Phillip to “redesign” her body and make her into the perfect wife. She surrendered to her husband’s knife.

During the last 11 years, Phillip has not stopped. He has transformed Anna with a breast augmentation, liposuction, butt implants, Botox injections, a tummy tuck and a lot more, reports Little Things.

Because he has turned his wife into a new person, he claims that he is responsible for giving Anna “her mojo back.” And she has to admit it, she loves the results. Her husband’s redesign has done wonders for her self-esteem.

Now when Phillip has new clients coming in for a consultation, he parades his wife into the room as an in-house model of the work he can do. And you can imagine how influential her good looks are on his profits.

Check out the video below to check out her brand new look for yourself!

Anna spoke to Mail Online about her ‘enhancements’ and admits that she loves her new look:

“Phillip loves redesigning his sports cars, our furniture and, most of all, me. After having two kids, I decided to let him fine-tune me. He’s enhanced my breast, sculpted my waist and injected fillers in my face. Phillip even sculpted my abdomen to look like a proper six-pack instead of just a one-pack!”

Phillip, who is now 48, added that, “I always say to patients, ‘If you want to know how good a surgeon I am, then look at my wife.’ Anna’s as close to perfection as possible. After my surgical tweaks to her body, I think she’s even more beautiful now than when I met her, aged 22.”

Do you think he did a good job?