Police Arrest Him For Being Drunk in Public, His Excuse Has Cops Trying Not To Laugh In His Face : AWM

Police Arrest Him For Being Drunk in Public, His Excuse Has Cops Trying Not To Laugh In His Face

Many of us believe that we are not the only intelligent life forms in the universe. And this type of belief is not entirely far-fetched. To think that we’re the only intelligent beings out there is kind of arrogant. With billions of stars and even more potential planets, life could be out there in way more places than we can imagine. While it might be nearly impossible for these beings to visit us since they are so many light years away, their existence is not entirely impossible.

But recently a Wyoming man who was arrested for public intoxication has revealed that he was sent back in time to warn human civilization against the incoming alien invasion. Like a plot line to a bad science fiction movie, the drunken Wyoming man couldn’t stop talking about the terror that the human race had to start preparing for.

According to the drunk, he was from the year 2048 and had traveled back in time to warn everyone about the alien invasion. Although he was very passionate about his claim, the police arrested him for public drunkenness and tossed him the holding cell.

But the man was adamant. He used his limited time to warn the police that aliens were coming. And he needed to tell the people of Casper, Wyoming that the aliens were scheduled to arrive next year. And that if they didn’t leave now, they could get stuck in the invasion, which might become deadly.

After spewing his warning all over the officers’ boots, he asked to speak to the president of the town. Casper is about 170 miles northwest of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

When asked how he was able to travel through time, he told the officers that aliens had filled his body with alcohol. And he was supposed to be transported to the year 2018, the year of the invasion, but someone the aliens made a mistake and sent him to 2017.

People shared their impression of this warning on an article published to Yahoo.com:

“Now if he could only travel just a little further back in time he wouldn’t be arrested.”

“I only time-travel INTO the future. Seems to happen on Saturday nights, and I wake up with Taco Bell and no recollection of how it got there.”

“He’s more than a year off–there’s already aliens all around us. He needs to go back several decades and warn them, and tell them to fix that birthright citizenship loophole before rampant progressivitis makes it impossible.”

“Ahh the classic paradox, travel back in time to change the future, knowing that if you change the future, you may not exist and will certainly not have a reason to travel back in the first place. So the guy got so upset over the time travel trap he had himself in he just decided to drink his troubles away? I guess we will all see in a year. Wubalubbadubdub!”

“No such thing as time. It’s a wholly manmade concept without any objective reality. For example, one second is calculated as so many million vibrations of a cesium atom.”

What do you think about this man’s story of aliens?