Police Take One Look At Video He Filmed While Driving, Have All The Evidence They Need

Updated December 8, 2016

It’s no surprise that cell phones have proven to be the number one distraction for drivers. There have been countless accidents due to driver’s texting, talking and even Face timing on their phones while behind the wheel.

One Providence, Rhode Island driver took his driving under the influence of technology to the next level, when he was live streaming himself on Facebook while participating in reckless driving. For whatever reason, the Pawtucket resident felt the need to document himself during high speed travel while weaving in and out of traffic.

As to be expected, he ended up crashing into a dump truck and a concrete barrier on Route six, which turned out to be a major accident. While the 20-year-old driver, Onasi Olio-Rojas, is in good condition, police are not expected to go light on his charges. When Olio-Rojas was first admitted to the hospital he was considered to be in critical condition, after firefighters had to remove him from his smashed car. Not to mention all of the other drivers that he could’ve harmed.

Now that police are aware of the fact that he was chronicling his illegal activity on Facebook, they have tracked down the original footage from the incident, which you can view below…

As he starts his drive, one would think that he is your average twenty-something male drive, with hefty speakers shouting rap music as he takes to the road at a casual pace. And then you can see how he picks up speed when he merges onto the interstate, while rapping along with the music. Every now and then he flips his phone around so that it zooms in on the accelerating speed. As soon as he hits 100 miles per hour, he starts his dangerous weaving in and out of other cars. He passes and dodges several other cars, getting exceptionally close to hitting them.

It actually gets quite scary to watch, as it feels like you are literally in the car and on the treacherous journey with him. At some points it feels as if he is going to crash into the vehicles in front of him, and then he darts fast and misses by a split second. Meanwhile, Olio-Rojas is turning his phone onto himself, the speedometer and the road.

As he goes on you can see him start to lose control of the steering wheel, and then, the crash occurs and the video goes blank. Afterwards they show the end result of the car and it is evident that the accident was major.

There is no doubt that this young man had somewhat of a death wish and it’s surprising to think that he actually believed he would complete his dangerous driving adventure without getting hurt.

Commenters agreed that the driver wasn’t too bright and the worst part is that he put the lives of others in danger…

“As long as when he crashed he only hurt himself, which sounds like he did. People often don’t realize they are endangering others as well as themselves.”

It’s hard not shake your head at this young man. We just hope that others are following in his footsteps, trying to up his hasty driving video.