Popular Chain Under Investigation After Lady Is Served Something Extra Baked Into Her Bun

Updated August 25, 2017

It happens more often than we like to admit. Restaurants that we frequently get outed for having cooked something rather odd and disgusting into their burgers, bread, and fries. Allegedly, there have been mice found cooked into meat and human skin found inside sandwiches. A human nail was found in a McDonald’s burger and pain killers were even found inside a Burger King sandwich.

With these types of incident making the news, it’s hard to believe that people continue to go back to the famous fast food restaurants.

The latest of these fast food dramas involves a Chick-fil-A sandwich in Pennsylvania and a very unhappy woman. The lawsuit claims that the woman found a dead rodent on top of her sandwich. Ellen Manfalouti sued the store when she found the rodent baked into the bun of her sandwich.

In November, after one of her co-workers picked up the sandwich for her in the Langhorne store, she discovered the rodent shortly after the two of them started eating in the conference room at the insurance agency where they worked.

“I felt something funny on the bottom of the bun,” said Manfalouti. “I turned it over. I said to (my co-worker), ‘They burned my roll really bad.'”

But it was her coworker, Cara Phelan, who discovered the small rodent in the bun. When Manfalouti threw the sandwich on the table, Phelan could see the whiskers and that tail.

Manfalouti hired a lawyer, Bill Davis, to handle the case. When he filed the lawsuit against Dave Herrernan, the store’s owner, the store was unresponsive to the complaints.

When local news crews attempted to make contact with Herrernana and the fast-food chain based in Atlanta, he refused to comment on the litigation.

Claiming physical and psychological damages, Manfalouti is seeking more than $50,000. Evidently, she had to see a therapist for anxiety and could hardly eat due to nausea for weeks following the incident.

It’s hard to believe that such obvious little critters find their way into these food items as they are cooking on a hot grill. Maybe the rodent snuck into the bread bag and was tossed onto the grill moments before the sandwich was cooked. It’s hard to say how it happened but it is certain that it will make you lose your appetite for a bit and may wreck havoc on the Chick-fil-A franchise.

Some commenters feel as if the woman was just after some extra cash…

“What are her “physical” damages? People look at lawsuits as easy money.”

“So she sued in “Bucks County Court”??? Bet she’s hoping it results in big “bucks.”

And several made jokes about the nasty situation…

“Okay, that’s one “NO” vote for the new Mouse-fil-A sandwich.”

“The protein boost is supposed to be extra.”

“Small rodent lives matter.”

“There was an unfortunate mistake on her order. They thought she was taking advantage of the special limited time promotional sandwich that Chick-fil-A is offering as a tie-in with Survivor.”

For as much food that is served up at these fast food restaurants, it’s actually rather surprising that these incident don’t happen more often.