Popular Local Restaurant Fires Chef After He Refuses To Serve Poisonous Food To Customers

Updated May 18, 2017

After a chef who works at an establishment inside the Los Angeles International Airport realized that his bosses were using spoiled ingredients, he confronted the management.

Because Chef Donald Gray who worked at the Petrossian Caviar and Champagne Bar was forced to eat and sell spoiled foods to customers, he spoke out against this disgusting practice. And when he voiced his concerns, the management fired him. Now Gray is speaking out and exposing the dirty practices used at the Petrossian Caviar and Champagne Bar.

Check out these disturbing allegations below!

The former chef got food poising after eating the food served at the bar restaurant. It happened because the management forced him to eat spoiled caviar before selling it to customers.

Not only did he get sick from the food sold at the bar, he also claims that the owners commanded chefs and cooks to remove expired food labels and serve the tainted food at expensive prices to anyone with the money to buy it.

The wronged-chef has filed a lawsuit against Petrossian Caviar and Champagne Bar. In that claim, he alleges that the owners forced him and customers to eat spoiled caviar and ignore the use-by-date labels and serve tainted product anyway.

Gray initially became ill in 2015 after he sampled spoiled caviar. He then began filing paperwork to report it to management. They didn’t like that their chef was exposing their illicit business practices.

The bosses chastised him for sampling the product and eventually fired him. Gray is filing the lawsuit, claiming wrongful termination. He hopes to receive back pay for being illegally terminated.

The restaurant, which allegedly sells tainted caviar, offers international travelers “a respite from the stresses of air travel with over 20 vodkas and top shelf champagne to pair with the company’s famous caviar.”

The restaurant located at the Tom Bradley International Terminal and holds the Petrossian name only in name. The business is a franchise and is independently operated by the manager of the location.

Celebrities frequent this restaurant in Los Angeles when they’re traveling. At the location in West Hollywood, Jessica Alba, Sharon Osbourne and Kirsten Dunst have been spotted eating at the other location.

The restaurant in West Hollywood is not connected to the bar in the airport. There is no evidence that the food poisoning claims are connected to both locations.

Readers of Daily Mail had a lot to say about this disturbing lawsuit. Here are some of the most popular comments:

“I fly LAX all the time and I BELIEVE IT. The workers there are the WORST. One time a security guard at lax even complained he got to his shift late because he was served a rotten meal and had to wait for another week one. Eat before you get to LAX, bc the workers look at customers with complete disdain. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s story next week about lax workers spitting in customers food.”

“If people were eating bad seafood at the airport & then boarding flights only to get sick in transit, you can bet it would have been in the press,” wrote one doubter.

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