Postal Worker Drives Around Fire-Ravaged Town, Has No Clue His Every Move Is Being Filmed

Updated November 9, 2017

Wildfires have ravaged Northern California these last months. The vibrant state was devastated. Fires refused to be controlled and kept breaking barriers and raging beyond all expectations. The death roll rose, and people were frightened.

But one United States Postal Worker continued to do his job despite the fires raging nearby. And a drone owned by cinematographer Douglas Thron managed to capture the worker on camera. As the machine flew threw the ghost-town neighborhood, Thron suddenly saw a beacon of hoping in the form of the United States Postal Service. Although the fires had ravaged Santa Rosa, the USPS was still there trying to deliver hope to the fire’s victims.

Thron later shared the footage of the postal worker online. The man was soon identified as Trevor Smith. And he told Inside Edition in an interview, that he was merely going about his regular route. While he knew the fires were changing the California landscape, he didn’t want to abandon the homeowners he served every day.

When he found outgoing mail in some of the mailboxes, he knew that his services were still needed. Not only did he discover outgoing letters in the mailbox, Senior Mobile Park specifically requested Smith to continue his route, even though the area had officially been evacuated.

Just having the postal worker continuing his route gave the people of Santa Rosa a sense of routine, of normalcy. And that can do a lot to boost morale after a natural disaster like the California wildfires.

The video of Trevor Smith brought peace to some of the people who were from that community.

Now that the video of Smith has gone viral, people around the world are calling him a hero. He was named the unofficial most-dedicated letter carrier on the planet. It is amazing to see Smith’s dedication to his community. But not only is he dedicated to the people he works with, but he is also dedicated to his career in the United States Postal Service. He is proud to wear the uniform and be among the great people who continue to keep this country running day after day – even in the midst of natural disaster and tragedy. It is people like Trevor Smith who are unsung heroes of America. Thankfully, this drone footage helped us celebrate the small act of this one letter carrier and put it on blast for people around the world to see and to celebrate.

Watch the video from Inside Edition below. You’ll see the original drone footage that captured Smith at his job. And below we’ve included some of the most popular comments from viewers like you:

“People don’t understand that the mail system is the first thing reestablished in an SHTF situation. Its one of the systems we have in place that the government prioritizes because people can receive notices, News bulletins without power, And other critical information.”

“God bless the US Postal Service…. This is truly heartbreaking to see what this fire did to so many homes and families.”

What do you make of this American’s dedication to his job and his community?