Pregnant Teen’s Secret Implodes After Her Family Sees Ultrasound, Repulsive Truth Comes Out : AWM

Pregnant Teen’s Secret Implodes After Her Family Sees Ultrasound, Repulsive Truth Comes Out

She was young and pregnant. At just 16 years old, a girl from Michigan was happy though. She was pregnant with triplets and telling anyone who would listen about the little babies that were about to enter the world. But after a while, her family knew something wasn’t right. They took a closer look at the ultrasound picture and realized that the teenage girl wasn’t pregnant at all. She had been conning her family and friends for months and had reportedly used an ultrasound picture from to fool everyone she knew into thinking that she had three lives growing inside her. And now she is a facing the consequences for her deceit.

Getting pregnant as a teenager is no easy feat. It is extremely difficult to raise a baby when you’re just a baby yourself. But this Michigan girl fooled everyone, including her boyfriend, Jordan, into thinking that she was pregnant with triplets.

When she found, she was able to buy fake baby bumps for as little as $149. She also bought some fake ultrasound images to show her family and friends and get them to give her gifts for her fake babies.

Jordan, 16, was the most shocked of all. He was terrified to learn that she was pregnant, but he never for a minute doubted that she had those babies in her. Little did he know that she was taking him on a ride for all he was worth too.

Once the shock of being a teen dad passed, Jordan was looking forward to being a father. And he never suspected that she was playing him for a fool.

“I was excited, don’t get me wrong, but I was scared,” Jordan told Fox 2 Detroit. “I started looking for jobs the best I could. I was ready to donate all my time.”

As the teen continued to fake her pregnancy, she began to prepare for the “birth.” And that’s when the gifts started flowing like water.

“The gifts, they couldn’t even open at the shower there was so much,” the teen’s aunt Jessica Adams said of the baby shower.

But as the due date approached, her family grew worried. No one had ever seen the teen with a doctor. She supposedly went to appointments all by herself and never wanted Jordan, the supposed father of the triplets, to come with her on these doctor visits.

Eventually, another user in the teen’s Facebook group realized that she was faking. She quickly realized that her ultrasounds were fake and bought off the gag pregnancy website.

At this point, the 16-year-old teen was confronted. The police got involved because she was stealing money from anyone who would give her something to help with the “triplets.” And that’s when she told detectives that she had truly miscarried when she was just six weeks pregnant. But no one knows if that is true or not.

Thankfully the fraudulent teen’s brother assured everyone that the gifts she received would be returned.

While it is uncertain which item she used, she did probably used the fake ultrasounds along with a baby bump.