Preschoolers Line Up To Sing For Graduation. But It’s Clear Who Steals The Show [watch]

Updated June 27, 2017

Graduations aren’t just for college or high school students anymore. They’re part of every stage in life when accomplishments should be celebrated. That’s why one hospital is giving premature babies a graduation ceremony when they exit the NICU. Preschool graduations are also a big deal. The little ones are growing up. And although they are still tiny, their personalities are shining forth and parents can celebrate that. At one preschool, a tiny dramatic girl drew the spotlight to herself when she shined bright during a vocal performance. Check out the adorable video below and keep your eyes glued to the tiny blonde girl in the middle.

While most of the other children singing at the preschool graduation are quiet and mouthing the lyrics, little Sophia is loud and proud. She opens her mouth and raises her voice and wants everyone to pay attention to her. She even incorporates cute hand gestures to enhance her graduation performance. Mom and dad had the camera running and caught the adorable act in action. And they couldn’t have been prouder to see their Sophia giving it her all.

Although the preschool teacher had instructed the tiny performers to stand still and sing accurately, Sophia decided that she had a better idea on stage direction than the adult. Her mom Michelle Neshin shared the video of Sophia and couldn’t believe her little girl was so confident already.

Michelle said, “The children were supposed to perform a mellow rendition of Moana’s ‘How far I’ll go’ – she clearly missed the memo!”

While the rest of the children followed their teacher’s instructions, Sophia decided that she knew better. Placed at center stage, she unleashed what could only be described as the performance of her lifetime. And her rendition of the Disney song put the rest of her classmates to shame.

In the viral clip below, you’ll see Sophia’s classmates calmly singing the words. Meanwhile, Sophia is on a stage all her own as she belts the lyrics with all her heart. As the other children show restraint and poise, Sophia flails her arms uncontrollably as she reaches for the notes. Clearly, the little lady was born to entertain the world. She’s like a little Dolly Parton in the making.

More than half a million people have watched this preschool graduation performance since it was uploaded in the middle of June. You should, too. Here is what viewers are writing in the comments about little Sophia’s performance:

“She FEELS the music! How beautiful! What a superb little lady!” writes Carey Kernodle.

Tesha Thibodeau wants Ellen to see the clip: “She’s so adorable so much passion Ellen DeGeneres should see this.”

“I think ONE of the most amazing things about her performance is that she didn’t nail one of her co-stars with her flailing about! Very nice to see a young-un showing so much passion AND restraint at the same time! You go, Sophia!”

What do you think about Sophia? Does she have a future in show business?

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