Previously Unreleased Tapes Of Princess Diana Have Finally Been Made Public

Updated May 16, 2017

While it seems glamorous to be in the public eye, the lack of privacy can be daunting for those who are considered celebrities. And while we may not make as much money since we are “common folk,” there is something to be said for having privacy in life and oftentimes we take the little things for granted. So, the next time you think that a celebrity has it made, just think about how troubling it can be for them to even go out to lunch or to the grocery store. They are constantly harassed by the pushy paparazzi.

Princess Diana is a perfect example of someone who suffered greatly because of the paparazzi and her life being in the public eye, yet while she was alive she always managed to keep it together and exhibit class and stature. The world thought she was the perfect example of patience and grace in the public eye, however; recent tapes have been uncovered that show a different side of Princess Diana. Giving us insight into how she was suffering on the inside, Diana is seen pleading for privacy in the uncovered tapes.

“I’ve given up everything, I’ve given up everything,” she can be heard saying in the tapes. “I can’t go out to lunch. I certainly don’t go out in the evenings. I hide out in the back of cars to get out. I don’t want to be in the newspapers. And I’m not interested in, ‘Is it nice or not?’ I don’t care. I don’t care about it. It is desperate, hunting the whole time.”

In the newly discovered tapes, Princess Diana lashes out on the paparazzi that hounded her nearly every moment of her life.When one photographer tells her that she needs to accept the fact that she is in the public eye, she responds with the following…

“I’m not! I’m not! I just got divorced from the public eye,” she exclaimed. “I don’t want to be in the forefront. I hate it! It has cost me dearly!”

Katie Nicholl, who is an author and a royal commenter was shocked to hear Diana’s words on the tapes.

“You can hear her voice shaking,” she said. “You can hear the fear the alarm the distress. It’s all very, very real, very dramatic, it’s very disconcerting.”

And while some may handle their lives being on display better than others, it has to be a draining emotion to feel like you are always being watched.

In the tapes, Diana is also heard saying…

“I spend the whole day hiding, not going home, not coming out for the rest of the day.  It’s crazy. I can’t sit here and be battered every single day because someone wants to make some money out of me,” said Diana who was even followed on her vacations in the Caribbean and across Europe.

While she despised the paparazzi for being on her 24/7, she was mostly concerned about her son…

“William does not want his children to be exposed to the photographers in the way that he was,” said Nicholls. “He blames the paparazzi, as Harry does, for his mother’s death and they’ve made it very clear they will not tolerate the paparazzi harassing their family.”