Prince Harry Stops In The Rain, Hugs Only One Person Out Of Thousands After Seeing Who It Is

Updated November 14, 2017

Like most members of royalty, Prince Harry has a lot of fans who adore him and will go to great lengths to meet him. But, there is one fan who stood out from the rest.

After waiting seven long hours in the rain to meet Prince Harry, 97-year-old Daphne Dunn was hoping that the young prince would recognize her from when they met two years prior. And much to her surprise, he recognized the Sydney, Australia resident and made sure to show her that he remembered her.

While visiting Sydney to promote the Invictus Games, Prince Harry had dozens of fans waiting for him at the Sydney Harbor. Showing their true dedication to the prince, the fans waited in the rain, just to get a photo or a handshake from him.

Daphne was amongst the hoards of fans and for good reason. Two years ago, when the prince stopped at the Sydney Opera House, he noticed Daphne from yet another crowd of fans because she was wearing several military medals. He had been doing work with the Australian Defense Force so the fact that she was obviously connected to the military spurred his interest in her. One particular medal that caught his eye was the Victoria Cross, which she was wearing in honor of her husband, Albert Chowne, who she lost in WWII. Daphne herself was in the Australian Women’s Army service.

Daphne is a regular at events involving military service and she always shows up wearing all of the medals around her neck. When the prince met Daphne two years ago he was moved by her dedication and her story and he kissed her on the cheek and said goodbye. Now, two years later, the two meet again and Prince Harry didn’t hesitate before he went over and hugged her.

“He remembered me. And gave me another kiss on the other side,” Daphne recalled when speaking with reporters.

Daphne was absolutely honored to meet the prince a second time, not just because he is royalty but because he has so much involvement and dedication to veterans and active members of the military.

The Invictus Games were created by Prince Harry himself back in 2015 and they allow injured, wounded or sick armed services personnel to compete in a variety of different sporting events. The games in 2018 will be hosted in Sydney, Australia and we can guess that Daphne will be there! It could very well be the third meeting for Daphne and Prince Harry.

In the video below you can see Prince Harry and Daphne as they meet for the second time. Harry walks directly over to Daphne, embraces her and the two have a little chat. It’s obvious that the two are very happy to see each other once again.

Commenters shared their praise for the dedicated and kind prince…

“It is so lovely that Harry remembered the old lady. He is a very kind man.”

“Time passes by so quickly, I remember the headlines and tv coverage when both he and his big brother were born! His list of charitable work and philanthropic endeavors is impressive, I’m sure his mum would be proud of the adult he is today.”