Protestors Think They’re Entitled To Assault Republican. Quickly Learn About Karma [video]

Updated June 15, 2017

In the video below, you’ll see an angry liberal getting violent with conservative commentator Andrew Bolt. Bolt was simply walking along the streets of Melbourne, Australia on Tuesday. That’s when a group of thugs come out of nowhere to assault him. As you’ll see, the sneak up behind him and throw a “substance” at his head. It’s unclear what it is, but you can use your imagination. But Bolt isn’t going to let these liberal thugs get the better of him. He puts his conservative values of personal responsibility to the test and stands up for himself. Then the incident turns into a violent brawl. Watch the clip below to see how it unfolds!

Bolt is 57-years-old. These liberal punks are each in their early or mid-twenties. He is more than twice their age, so they think he is going to be an easy victim. But they underestimated the conservative pundit.

Instead of taking the beating, Bolt unleashes his own assault. He begins punching and kicking the thugs in self-defense. And the masked assailants do not know how to react to a real fight. They’ve only see such things in their video games and online in YouTube videos. They thought this was supposed to be easy. They didn’t know Karma would be on Bolt’s side and he’d fight back so furiously.

After Bolt beat the bullies up, a bystander broke up the fight. Then he scolded the young liberal thugs saying, “What are you doing? Go away!”

Both of the attackers then ran away – terrified of what else Bolt had in store. And by the looks of him, Bolt has a lot more fight left in him despite being 57.

Now the Australian police are searching for the three men who ambushed Bolt. The two attackers were seen on the video and the third was filming the incident. That’s right. Even though they lost the fight, the liberal punks decided they’d upload the clip online anyways. They were that desperate for views and likes on their page.

The liberal thugs have been presumably identified as members of the “Antifa” group which stands for “anti-fascism.” The group, which is like a cult, claimed that members of their “family” were responsible for the attack. Just how ISIS likes to claims their violence, Antifa seems to do the same. Because they are targeting conservatives in Melbourne because of their beliefs, police have stepped up their security measures to protect the community.

People around the world are outraged that Bolt was targeted for his political beliefs. Here are a few comments shared on

“Antifascists? No, they are the fascists. Getting really tired of these holier-than-thou liberals who demand everyone think as they do,” Kay Daly wrote.

“Give his attackers more? The intervener is lucky HE didn’t get clocked….lol!”

Glenn C. Darr believes in capital punishment: “he should have been allowed to kill them. I’d be mad if someone tried to break up something I was in, especially if I was giving them the business!!”

What do you think about this new liberal trend?

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