Protestors Threaten They’ll Ruin Marine’s Funeral, Bikers Show Up To Make Sure That Doesn’t Happen

Updated September 12, 2017

It takes a special kind of evil to protest the funeral of a fallen serviceman, and a very special kind of hypocritical when you claim to do it in the name of Christianity. But the Westboro Baptist Church is not your normal church. They thrive on spreading their hate for everything America stands for. But at a recent funeral for a US Marine killed in action, they went too far, and found themselves coming up against a seemingly unlikely group of heroes: bikers on their Harley Davidsons, in all their denim and leather glory, who stood up for the Marine, his family, and our country. You are going to be amazed when you watch this video.

As word spread that the Westboro Baptist Church planned to picket the funeral of twenty five year old Marine Corporal Richard Bennet, a veteran biker group decided to take action against the group and do what they could to preserve and honor the memory of their brother who had died in a helicopter crash in Iraq while defending our country.

The Westboro Baptist Church reportedly chose to protest at his funeral because it believes God kills members of the military due to America’s acceptance of homosexuality.

Westboro Baptist Church is a Baptist church which is known for its hate speech, especially against LGBT people (homophobia), Catholics (anti-Catholicism), Orthodox Christians (anti-Orthodoxy), Muslims (Islamophobia), Jews (anti-Judaism/religious antisemitism), American soldiers and politicians, and well, just about every American except themselves. The church is widely known as a hate group and is monitored as such by the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center. The church has been involved in actions against gay people since at least 1991, when it sought a crackdown on homosexual activity at Gage Park in Topeka, Kansas, just six blocks northwest of the church.

When Richard Bennet’s family learned that the group would be picketing his funeral, they were devastated. However, they were fortunate enough to have a very good group of people on their side.

The veteran biker group The Patriots Guard stepped up and offered its protection against the picketers to Richard Bennet’s family. The group announced they would attend the funeral and form a human barricade around the funeral site so that the family and other attendees could have the quiet, peaceful ceremony they deserved.

“No family should have to face this type of hatred on the day that they’re putting their loved ones to rest,” said Ken Van, pastor and member of The Patriots Guard. “Bennet died defending our sacred freedoms, and he even died to give the fringe members of the Westboro Baptist Church the right to picket his own funeral, but just because they have the right to speak doesn’t mean we have to listen.”

Members of The Patriots Guard gathered around the funeral site and formed a human fence that the protesters of the Westboro Baptist Church could not legally physically touch or attempt to get past. The biker group revved the engines of their motorcycles to overpower the hateful chants of the Westboro Baptist Church’s members.

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