Psychic Gets Hit With Massive Lawsuit For Repulsive Crime, Never Saw It Coming

Updated October 12, 2017

Some believe in psychics and will pay an obscene amount of money to find out a little bit about their future. At some point, almost everyone goes through a stage where they want answers and they will do almost anything to get them, no matter what the cost. Maybe a person is hesitant about making a big decision and they ask a psychic for guidance along the way.  And then there are others who feel that psychics are scam artists and just out to make some extra cash from innocent people.

One elderly Massachusetts woman was recently charged more than $3.5 million for “spiritual cleansing” and excorcisms from a purported psychic who later plead guilty to tax evasion.

The criminal in the situation was Sally Ann Johnson, a South Florida woman who made her living running a business that claimed to provide “spiritual cleansing and strengthening” and “psychic readings.” The 41-year-old woman was arrested after prosecutors said that she charged a Martha’s Vineyard woman more than $3.5 million to rid the demons from the woman’s life. This activity went on from 2007 and 2014, when Johnson failed to report the income and hid it so she wouldn’t be responsible for paying taxes on it, according to federal prosecutors.

In a federal court in Boston, Johnson pled guilty and has committed to paying the woman back. She will most likely be sentenced in January.

While we all need to make a living to survive, there are some things that are required if you want to make money and paying taxes is a big one. It’s simply unfair for someone to make such an obscene amount of money and not have to pay taxes on it, while someone who is struggling to barely get by on a much lower income, is loyal to the tax-paying system. Not to mention the fact, that there is no telling if Johnson really has her alleged “psychic powers” and the ability to rid the demons from someone. We can imagine that there are few people who actually believe that these powers are legit. Unfortunately, one innocent woman got taken for a massive amount of money. Luckily Johnson was caught and has agreed to pay back the full amount.

It would be interesting to find out if she scammed any others and refused to pay taxes on the other income. While Johnson’s attorney refused to comment, there is a good chance that she has a whole lot more money stashed away that she never claimed.

Commenters had fun with this story and shared some pretty humorous responses…

“She should’ve seen this coming.”

“You read my mind.”

It’s always best to think long and hard before you decide to give a lot of money to another person who promises to predict your future. The same goes for other things in life. When you choose a doctor, a personal trainer or even a massage therapist, surely you research the person and get some reviews. In this case, it sounds like the woman was hard up to find out some major discoveries about her future while ridding the demons from her life.