Punk Damages Cop Car Then Tries To Assault Officer, Ends In Way That Will Have You Cheering

Updated July 17, 2017

Okay, so the first rule of doing something incredibly stupid is to not do it in front of, or to, a police officer. The second rule is, obviously, if you are going to break rule number one, at least have the good sense to not get caught on video doing that stupid thing. Well, we just found an awesome video from California that will have you in stitches. Watch in amazement as a woman picks a fight with a cop in a busy intersection, and then loses. Just remember, you probably have not done anything as stupid as this woman today, and for that you should be proud of yourself.

So, officers from the Long Beach Police Department arrested some guy for unknown reasons. When they put him into the back of their cruiser, his girlfriend completely comes unhinged and starts to attack the officers.

The cop shows remarkable restraint in trying to bring her under control. When she finally goes too far, he manages to bring her to the ground and subdue her quickly.

The internet is laughing hard at this anonymous woman. People have taken to social media and websites to say things like:

“I thought the woman only slapped the car. The video was a complete surprise. That idiot tried to open the door, kept bowing up and coming at the officer and threatening him. He had every right to do what he did. She was endangering him, herself, others in the area including the children at the crosswalk. I think he showed quite a bit of restraint. He could have really hurt her but didn’t. “- Deborah1106

“We really need to start respecting our police officers again. They don’t get paid enough to put up with this crap.”- Anon.

“That would be embarrassing..trying to break out your friend, fail…try to beat up cop, fail..get put down like a rabid dog, success.”- Edith Ramos

“those cars waiting for them to finish. So to expedite the arrest process, using his baton on her leg was one of the more effective and quicker ways to do it. She deserved that. Lot of times people like that do not learn by way of reasoning with them, so they need to be dealt with physically. There’s no point trying to resist an arrest unless you’re very positive you can escape; or else it’s just more physical pain to your body with the same result. The level of intelligence in these uneducated minds is impressive. Keep up the good work, because your resistance is much desired by most cops since it legally permits them to use force.”- Kevin Jones

“Easy solution to this, give the officers tazers, zap the bitch, cuff her and stuff her, then life goes on.”- ricky jones

Our favorite response came from Jeff Kurtz, who wrote “If this officer would have just been carrying a Snickers bar dipped in cocaine, this could have ended even more peacefully.”

What do you think of this video? Should the cop have been so permissive, or should he have simply shut her down right away? Please share your thoughts with us here