Pup Being Called “Saddest In The World” Desperately Needs Your Help. Here’s His Story

Updated May 18, 2017

If things weren’t rough enough for this sad dog already, now things are back to being bad. About 2 years after Lana the Labrador was labeled “the saddest dog in the world”, she is back looking for a forever home again. Will the luck for Lana finally change or will she be destined to forever be searching for love.

After her 2015 cowering image went viral, thousands of applications came flooding in to the animal shelter asking to adopt her. But now she is back to where she started looking for another place to call home. Will the world’s saddest dog ever get a break…?

Although thousands of people professed love for Lana in 2015, “Rescue Dogs Match” recently shared the bad news. Lana is up for adoption again. Now the world’s saddest dog has another reason to pout.

After someone was excited to adopt her, they returned the poor dog to the shelter one year later for undisclosed reasons. And Lana has been waiting for a forever home ever since.

Because the shelter has limited space, Lana has been routed into a boarding facility. But her prospects are grim. She has only until May 20th to be adopted into a new forever home. If she doesn’t find love this time, she could be euthanized.

The rescue organization hopes that a family that lives on a farm would adopt the Labrador retriever who is now 2-years old. Having access to an abundant natural surroundings would be the best thing possible for this defeated canine.

“The best family for her would be a mature couple or person that has the time, patience, determination and commitment to help her become more confident,” the rescue group wrote on Facebook.

It is shocking to think that Lana started out as the world’s saddest dog, was adopted into a “loving” family and then abandoned again less than one year later. Why did the family drop her from their home? Why did she lose their love? She must be tortured inside.

But the rescue group assures anyone looking for a dog that Lana is as gentle and loving as they come.

“She is sweet and silly, that is hard-wired into her character. She is timid, wary of strangers only at first. When she is not around the people she trusts, she has the tendency to shut down or become very hesitant.”

When Inside Edition picked up the story, they shared a video with Lana on their YouTube channel. Viewers are going crazy to hear that Lana could be euthanized because no one is adopting her.

“Give the dog to me, don’t kill it. There’s hope after depression I can help it,” shared one viewer.

“No no no poor sweet baby! Someone has to adopt her again! She doesn’t deserve to die for that,” wrote another.

“Why put her down BECAUSE SHE’S SAD? I’d adopt her if I could. And I’m sure some people feel the same way. Others who feel the same way can adopt her. Give her another chance!” contributed an advocate for Lana.

Do you think the lovely” Lana will find her forever home before May 20th?

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