Quiz Claims Only Those With An IQ Above 152 Will Get A Perfect Score. Try Your Luck Here

Updated May 10, 2017

Normal Americans have an IQ between 85 and 115. As the number goes up, people are considered in a higher stratosphere of intelligence. Reports boast the President Donald Trump has an IQ of 156. While these claims have been disputed, without a doubt President Trump is one of the smartest people in America. And if he took this test, he’d surely get the results he’s looking for.

While normal Americans range between 85 and 115, a genius or near genius is considered to have an IQ about 145. Between 115 and 145, Americans are considered to have a superior or very superior intelligence. That’s why this quiz is stumping so many people – it requires above average intelligence. But unless you’ve done an IQ test yourself, how do you know what your IQ score is? This test can give you a good basis to measure yourself. Knowing that most Americans fail this test, you can see if you’re in the top percentile of American intelligence or among the average. And with a test this difficult, there is no shame in being average. But you won’t know without giving it a shot. Try your luck and press play below!

This quiz comes courtesy of PlayBuzz, a website dedicated to crafting new quizzes every day to challenge people to be their best.

Not only does this quiz challenge your memory skills, you also have to have a basic understanding of American history to get every answer right. The quiz will ask you to name the president after they present you with an image of them.

As you see the faces of these former presidents, you’ll be present with options. You must choose their correct name. And it can be difficult. Unless you paid close attention to your American History teacher in high school, you may struggle to remember their names correctly? Is it Warren or Woodrow? Herbert or Calvin? H. W. or J. W.? The choices certainly aren’t easy. And that’s were your IQ score comes into play.

When you take the quiz, you’ll be presented with your judgment. If you get them all correct, you are “officially a genius.” Then PlayBuzz says: “You aced a test that only Americans with an IQ score of 152 or higher can. Your score indicates that you are “willing to accept and consider other views with value and broad-mindedness.” You tend to look for alternative viewpoints and weigh facts impartially.”

However, if you do not fair so well, PlayBuzz claims, “You failed.” Then you’re told: “You are definitely NOT a genius. Surprised? Let us know in a comment below, and share the quiz with every American you know.”

But how do you do with this challenging quiz? People commented on PlayBuzz via Facebook writing:

“I missed every single one but I cannot understand why my answers should be restricted to the names these presidents were assigned at birth. If gender can be independent of genitalia surely names should be independent of letter groupings,” shared a confused David Fries.

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