Remember Marcia Brady? Here’s What She Looks Like After Years Of Drug Abuse

Updated November 18, 2016

One interesting and sometimes sad things to see are actors and actresses that would play influential roles in movies and TV grow up and age so that later on they sometimes look nothing like the character that you are used to seeing them play.

One thing that can also play into seeing actors and actresses change can also possibly be drug abuse.  Drug abuse can not only change how people think and what their priorities in life are, but can also change their physical appearance.  When you see somebody aging along with struggling with drug abuse, sometimes they can look like a different person entirely.

If any of you were big Brady Bunch fans, then you still probably remember each one of their smiling faces and crazy life stories just like Marcia Brady, who was known as the angel child among the whole bunch of other children.  Marcia would always want to have a perfect life and personality and would be the good one to follow all the rules when she could.

The person who played Marcia Brady is named Maureen McCormick, and she has certainly changed from when she was a stay in the Brady Bunch.  You probably remember her having dirty golden hair with a freckled smile and an innocent look that is hard to top, but now McCormick looks completely different and you might not even be able to recognize her from back in the Brady Bunch.

This is McCormick now, and she certainly looks different than she did in the past, but in this photo she certainly dressed up a lot and looks healthy and happy, but that is after she finished struggling with her drug addiction and eating disorder.


Beforehand, McCormick was appearing to be aging extremely fast, and had only some features that people may remember from Marcia Brady.

McCormick wanted others to know about what drugs and a bad lifestyle can do to you, so in her book “Here’s the Story”, she talked about her life growing up and how it was not all sunshine and rainbows for her.  In fact, she suffered from being addicted to cocaine.

She states that she sought refuge in “seemingly glamorous” cocaine dens that you can find looming over Hollywood, and she thought that she was finding answers there but in fact she was just moving further away from who she is as a person.


This not only impacted her health as you can see, but also her professional career.  Her producer said that if she did not stop using, he would then stop working with her entirely, and that’s when she realized it was time to make a change.

In addition to battling with bulimia, she had to be treated in a psych ward and was in and out of rehab a few times.  Eventually, she fully recovered and is now living with her husband in Los Angeles with a happy life ahead.

If you want to see more pictures of McCormick then you can find them here, and let us know what you think of her story down in the comments.