Rescued Goat Laid Depressed And Refused To Eat For Days, Then Unlikely Animal Cures Him

Updated September 28, 2017

When we are heartbroken, it affects our daily lives. Our appetite can be suppressed and we don’t want to do anything. During these times of grief, we usually want to stay in bed in a dark room with all the lights off and just sulk. But humans aren’t the only ones who need this time to process our feelings. When Mr. G, the goat, first came to Animal Place’s Rescue Ranch out in California’s Grass Valley, he was in terrible shape. Emotionally the poor goat could not get on with his life. He wouldn’t eat and nothing the rescuers could do could make him feel better. He was down, blue, depressed. And he just wanted to sit in the corner of his stall and put his head down.

The rescue workers had seen sad animals before. And usually the special treats quickly got them back in a better mood. But Mr. G just couldn’t be cheered up. And for six long days, Mr. G would not touch any food no matter how delicious.

Because of the tragedy he had endured, Mr. G had given up on life. He wanted nothing to do with it. His depression had seeped that deeply into the depths of his soul.

His lack of appetite and low energy concerned the rescue workers. They didn’t know if it was just sadness or if he was ill. But they knew that he had just gone through a horrible experience.

After ruling out health problems, the workers realized that Mr. G had been separated from his best friend who he had spent so much time with over the last 10 years. So who was his best friend? A burro named Jellybean. Because they had been separated, Mr. G didn’t want to go on.

Both animals had been rescued from abusive situations. And when they were first introduced, they quickly started relying on one another for support emotionally. And when they were suddenly ripped apart, Mr. G just couldn’t cope. He needed Jellybean his best friend.

They had endured hell together. For a decade, they were in a 12 foot by 12 foot enclosure with no shade and hardly any food or water. But now they were far apart.

Thankfully the good people at the rescue facility decided to look for Jellybean. And after Jeff McCracken, a volunteer, made a 14 hour round trip, he found the burro and reunited Mr. G with him.

When Jellybean walked into Mr. G’s stall, the goat immediately perked up. His best friend for the last ten years was finally there with him again. After sniffing the burro to confirm his identity, Mr. G jumped up and then led Jellybean out to the pasture so they could catch up.

With his friend brought back to him, Mr. G regained his appetite. He ate and ate and ate. He even took some food from Jellybean’s bowl.

Jellybean and Mr. Go will remain together at Animal Place’s Rescue Ranch so they can be friends until the end of their days. This story had a happy ending.