Restaurant Owner Films Ghost Inside His Bar, So Far No One Has Proven It To Be Fake

Updated October 23, 2017

In a video too creepy to go mainstream, a landlord caught the ghost of a girl killed by a car outside of her property haunting the place – on camera. And as you watch the eerie clip, you’ll see the ghost that the woman is referring to. But this ghost doesn’t just appear in the footage, the ghost speaks to the “haunted” pub owner. Watch the footage and prepare to be scared. You’ll see how the woman broke out her camera to capture the moment, ghost girl’s slight footsteps patter up to the landlady before she calls out “are you waiting for me?” At that point the door creeks and viewers scream.

Michelle Coric is the owner of the Bodalla Arms Hotel. And now that she has video footage, she can prove that her place is haunted. Coric thinks that the ghost of the girl in the footage is from a spirit that still haunts the place after getting killed out on the road about 15 years ago. The little girl had run out into traffic to rescue her pet turtle who had escaped.

Michelle Coric has been around the block and has a lot of life experience. As a property owner, the 49-year-old is familiar with a lot of different types of people. But no one rivals her relationship with this ghost girl who continues to haunt her.

The pub has been swarmed with paranormal activity for years. And people all over New South Wales, Australia are familiar with the ghostly activity that goes on there.

Coric is a mother of three. And she lives upstairs above the pub. She is freaked out by the ghostly presence that keeps appearing. Now she is glad to have video proof that her place is haunted. Finally someone will believe her.

“It was only myself and the security guard there at the time. We were waiting around when we felt this sudden drop in temperature. I could feel someone there. We had been waiting here at the bar every night, so we felt shocked and excited when all those long nights paid off. I couldn’t help but wonder what she meant; ‘are you waiting for me?’. Maybe it’s because I wait in the bar for her every night?”

The Bodalla Arms Hotel is a historic location that is about 124 miles from Canberra. It was built in 1875 but Michelle, along with her husband Nick, took over the place back in 2014. They had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

Michelle is certain the ghost is of the girl who was killed in the car crash.

The girl’s voice is gentle and high pitched. I don’t know how to alter footage, so it is what it is. I’ve also heard a man laughing and it did scare me because it was echoing and deep, but I never felt threatened. I fear the living more than the dead.”

Michelle is convinced that a ghost is present on her property.

“We get plenty of ghosts here, I’ve never felt threatened. I got a clairvoyant to come through, but I didn’t tell him anything about the pub, I wanted him to tell me. What he told me supported the research I had done. We will keep doing nights and keep asking until she tells us. I have faith she will communicate again.”