Ring Bearer Makes It Halfway Down The Aisle When He Does A Move That Has The Internet Reeling

Updated November 18, 2017

Although the bride and groom trusted the little boy to help at their wedding, he stole the show when he threw a temper tantrum as he was walking down the aisle. The child, who was a young pageboy at the ceremony, got so upset he started screaming and even threw himself to the floor – all while someone was filming his embarrassing and hilarious emotional breakdown.

In the photos, you’ll see the little toddler, who was employed to act as a pageboy, erupting into a temper tantrum in front of the entire wedding party and guests. But this isn’t just a little crying. This little boy goes ballistic in front of everyone. His parents are going to love showing him this hilarious video when he is older to prove how difficult he was at the time when he was growing up.

The little boy lost his cool as he walked alongside the flower girl. Because the small boy erupts into a temper tantrum and falls to the ground, people around him burst out laughing. He has a future in drama and acting, that’s for sure.

Although the boy is going through something fierce, the wedding guests think it is funny. They’re laughing in the background as the boy’s tears flow, and he roils in emotion on the floor.

Weddings are a time when emotions run high. But usually, it is the bride and her parents who shed tears. Perhaps the groom does if the moment touches his heart.

But this little boy completely stole the show with his emotional tirade right before the bride and groom were supposed to be wed.

Because this tantrum happens as the boy is walking down the aisle, it makes for a very funny moment. Because everyone else has walked with complete seriousness, it looks ridiculous when the little boy just descends into negativity and his emotions and falls to the floor in tears.

The little boy wears a gray three-piece suit. At first, he seems to be proud to be part of the wedding. Before the tears come, the boy and the flower girl make it halfway down the aisle without any problems. But when the flower girl gets distracted for a second, the boy starts having his meltdown.

He was supposed to be carrying the rings on a little pillow. But when he sees the girl get distracted, he loses it and throws the pillow to the ground. Then he plummets to the floor and lies out with his arms and legs onto the ground. And then he starts to cry, cry, and cry some more.

Although the flower girl appears to be about the same age as the boy, she doesn’t cry like him. Instead, she looks at him with shock and utter disbelief as he continues to howl like a wounded animal in front of everyone – and now millions watching at home on the internet.

The guests had no idea how to react. Many started laughing. Others indicated they wanted to fetch him but stayed in their seats.

But the person behind the camera knew better than to shut off the camera. They kept it rolling and caught the entire incident so everyone could laugh along with it.