Robber Opens Fire On Cops From City Bus. Then Cops Do What They’re Trained To Do Flawlessly

Updated June 14, 2017

When an armed robber in Baltimore gets pursued by the police, he determines that there is only one way out of the situation – a old-west style gunfight. Like a stereotypical villain, he stands near innocent bystanders so the police are more hesitant to open fire on him. He runs to a city bus and gets onto it, then turns and shoots at the Baltimore police officers trying to stop the crime. What happens next was caught on camera and is one of the most shocking crime videos of the year. Check it out below!

The shocking footage was filmed in broad daylight. The criminals of 2017 are becoming more brazen and desperate than ever before.

The shootout between the armed robber and the squad of Baltimore County cops ended positively – the criminal was shot dead.

In the video recording – uploaded to the internet by a bystander – shows the criminal unloading his pair of handguns at the brave police officers. The cops have no choice but to return fire as the innocent citizens take for cover around vehicles and the bus.

Steve Outlaw witnessed the shootout. He filmed the killing, the uploaded the clip to Facebook where his followers ate it up and shared it with their friends in turn.

Outlaw was on the bus moments before the robber boarded it and the police ordered everyone off. That’s when the violence erupted like a volcano.

The unnamed criminal robbed two citizens at the Logan Village Shopping Center at 2:49pm before he fled on foot. He tried to board the No. 10 MTA bus. The police caught up with him and stopped the bus at 3pm. That’s round the same time school children were being released in the area. The unnamed gunman opened fire on the police right then.

Outlaw’s footage is raw. He is probably lying on his stomach as he documents the moment. The gunman leans in and out of the bus as he fires at the police officers. The area of the old-west style gunfight is highly populated. Citizens are heard screaming. The police’s bullets puncture holes in the glass.

Suddenly, the criminal sprints from the rear doors trying to make his escape. He fires in both directions like a cowboy. His handguns have extended magazine clips. He then hides behind a white van. Two innocents are hiding behind it as well.

Outlaw flees as the scene becomes too dangerous. Moments later the police reported the gunman was shot and killed.

“I heard boom-boom-boom-boom-boom,” Dave Barrett said. The criminal died on his lawn. “You never want to hear that. By the time I came down, you could still see the smoke in the air from all the gunshots.”

The shooting left one police officer in critical condition and one civilian injured. Neither victim has been identified, but it was reported that the officer, a woman, was taken to Maryland Shock Trauma Center and the civilian was taken to the hospital.

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