Russia Cheated Their Way To The Olympics. But It Doesn’t Help Their Diver As She Scores A 0.0. Oops!

Updated August 16, 2016

When competing on the world stage in the Olympics, everyone hates a cheater. That’s the reason why the Russian team was booed during the opening ceremony. The entire country embarrassed themselves when numerous athletes were banned from the games after getting caught participating in illicit doping programs to heighten their athletic performance.

Because dozens of athletes cheated, Russia could only send their second-rate performers to the games. And that’s exactly what the world saw when Russian Olympic diver Nadezhda Bazhini took the platform in her preliminary dive this past Friday. And the world watched on in glee as things when “horribly wrong…”

As the BBC commentator noted in about the failure:

“So what happened is Bazhina landed with basically one foot on the board, the other one has slipped right off the side, and that’s killed her take-off. No height. Wow. That is calamitous.”

But where the judges as harsh as the sports commentator. Absolutely! They jumped on the chance to punish the Russian athlete for the horribly Olympic performance.

Nadezhda Bazhina scored 0.0 from all seven Olympic judges!

Because Russia set themselves up for it after abusing illegal practices to get ahead, many people logged onto social media to knock the country with jokes. Here are a few examples:

  • “Really hard not to find this funny. See what happens when they stop doping…” Will Hayward wrote on Twitter.
  • “They ban performance enhancing drugs, and this is what happens…” Fraser Purdie wrote on Twitter.

Because of her failure, Bazhina had no chance of getting out of the preliminaries. With a score of 0.0, there is no chance she could beat anyone.

As the BBC reports, “Russia’s Nadezhda Bazhina loses her footing and produces a calamitous dive in the 3m springboard preliminary round at the Rio Olympics.”

Watch the “calamitous” dive in the video below!

Here’s what some people wrote about the clip on the NBC Sports YouTube page:

  • “I haven’t seen Russia botch something this badly since the Russo-Japanese War”
  • “I would have stayed under water a bit longer. how embarrassing”

The Russian doping scandal was world-wide news throughout the summer. Dozens of athletes, who cheated with drugs, lost their chance to compete on the world stage.

Recently, the Russian swimmer Yulia Efimova, who was caught twice for illegal doping, was approved to compete in Rio.

“After a recent doping scandal that also stung six other Russian swimmers, Efimova was granted an appeal that allowed her to compete in Rio despite a suspension. King was not terribly impressed — especially when Efimova celebrated following her qualifying heat,” the Independent Journal Review reported.

The drug-free American Lily King beat the cheating Efimova head to head. And afterwards, the drug-using Russian cried.

It looks like the Rio Olympics are not working out so well for Russia. Maybe Russia isn’t as strong of a world power they want us to believe.

What do you think about this dive and the Russian doping scandal? Should anyone from the country have been allowed to compete?

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